How To Create Your Online MLM Marketing System

Are you looking for a way to automate your network marketing business so that you can attract more leads and sponsor more people into your business with less effort?

Then you need to setup an online mlm marketing system that does most of the hard work for you.

Unfortunately, most network marketers don’t learn how to setup automated mlm recruiting systems.

That’s what you’re going to learn today.

What You’ll Learn:

  • My 6-Step Automated MLM recruiting system that generates new leads and puts them through a follow up sequence of emails that sell your products and services automatically
  • The power of Transcendence, and how you can use it to sell your products and services with more ease
  • Two examples of how you can implement this network marketing recruiting system into your business

MLM Marketing System Online: What It Looks Like

The internet is the most abundance resource on this planet. You are connected to people all around the world via search engines and social media.

To not take advantage of this is silly.

I’m going to show you how you can take your mlm marketing system ONLINE so you can get the maximum results with the minimum amount of effort.


Step #1 – Getting Traffic

Without traffic, your business will die.

You need a constant flow of traffic coming into your online business, just like an offline store needs a constant flow of people.

Here are some of my favorite ways of getting free traffic.

Blogging, Facebook, YouTube, and Forums are my favorite traffic methods.

In most cases, I drive that traffic back to my blog so I can sell visitors on my expertise and knowledge.

I have a full tutorial on how to setup an mlm blog.

Step #2 – Transcendence

This is the most important step in converting your traffic into leads and eventually happy paying customers of your products and services.

Transcending simply means coming up with an idea on how to indirectly promote your product/service by selling IMMENSE value.

You need to provide a solution to one of your hungry buyer’s pains, but then by solving that solution it either brings up more pain or is too tedious to handle on their own that they need to buy your product or service.

I’m going to give two examples at the bottom of this post after we run through the rest of the steps.

Step #3 – Setting up a squeeze page / capture page

A capture page is how you collect leads so that you can follow up with them after they leave your website.

In today’s world, people are reluctant to give out their email to just anyone.

So, the best way to do this is to offer something of value for FREE in exchange for the email address.

This will encourage people to punch in their precious email address in order to receive your free gift.

Step #4 – Demonstrate your value

The amateur marketer makes the mistake of sending his new lead directly to a sales page.

The professional marketer sells his new leads on HIMSELF first before sending them to a sales page.

When you follow the path of the professional marketer, your conversions will go through the roof because people want to join LEADERS that can help them get to where they want to be.

Step #5 – Email Autoresponder

An email autoresponder allows you to automate this entire process.

Without it, you become a slave to your business because everything has to be done manually.

However, with an mlm autoresponder, a new lead who enters in their email address on your capture page will automatically be sent a series of emails over the next few days that will sell them on YOUR value.

Step #6 – Making The Sale

Your new lead is receiving emails from you (automatically) that is selling them on your knowledge and expertise.

They begin to SEE that you are the person who can help them achieve their lifestyle and business goals.

And because you used transcendence to indirectly promote your product/service, your new lead excitedly joins you in your mlm company.

So let’s rewind and talk about the idea of transcendence so you have a crystal clear picture of how this works in action.

I’m going to illustrate two examples of how to incorporate transcendence into your sales funnel.

We’ll start at the point where a new lead has already opted in to your capture page so they can receive your free gift (in the following examples — a video training series).

Online MLM Recruiting System Examples

Example #1: Selling a fitness mlm product like weight loss or muscle gain shake

Video 1 – Identify some common misconceptions with weight loss/building muscle. Introduce them to important factors of nutrition and proper program design.

Video 2- Dive deeper into the important elements regarding nutrition and how to make a diet plan.

Video 3 – Elaborate on the important elements regarding constructing a workout program and then come in and say you offer a program which does all of this for you with no work on their part and provides an important supplement to help achieve their goals.

This is what is going on in the mind of your prospect…

“WOW this guy has given me so much information and direction on how to lose weight/gain weight. He taught me about nutrition, exercise selection and the common mistakes.

But now I have a LOT of work to do. I have to create my own diet plan, my own workout program and hold myself accountable…this is going to be hard.

…WAIT!! He offers a complete nutrition program AND workout program!! AND I get to join his private Facebook group where his students help hold each other accountable! 

Oh my god! This is perfect. I’m buying right now!”

Did you notice how the video series solves your prospects INITIAL pain by educating them on nutrition and workout programs, but then you introduce NEW pain because they have to create the diet plan and training program themselves.

However, you align your company’s products/services as a solution to their NEW pain and because they already associate you as the solution provider, they are conditioned to follow you and buy from you.

If you’re getting value from this then please leave a comment at the end of this post.

Example #2 Selling a Make Money Online Business Opportunity

Video 1 – Explain how money is made online and why someone would want to make money online (foundational training)

Video 2 – Talk about why most people fail at making money online and offer some solutions

Video 3 – Cover the different ways to make money online but highlight the drawbacks of each one and then position your product/opportunity as the knight in shining armor.

For example: you can create your own products but you have to have the expertise, then you have to setup the payment processor, deal with customer service and refunds, etc.

You can sell affiliate products but you make small commissions meanwhile the product owner makes all the money on the back-end.

Or you can use my system which allows you to license the products as your own so you can keep 90% of the profits, still not have to deal with customer service, PLUS you get a phone sales team who follows up with your leads and closes the sale so that you don’t have to.

Online MLM Marketing System Summary

I hope you understand the importance of transcendence.

You’re selling your leads on YOU first, and then positioning your product or service as the solution to their pain.

If you create an mlm marketing system by following the 6 steps outlined in this post then you will be setup to win.

All you need is a blog, a capture page creator, and an email marketing autoresponder.

If you want to go deeper on this, I created a free training called my 7-Step Plan for growing an audience and creating a hyper-engaged email list.

Get it for free here.
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