How to Make a High Converting Squeeze Page


One time I increased my capture page opt-in rate from

So in this tutorial I will show you how to create a high converting squeeze page so you can start capturing leads for your online business today.

What You Will Learn:

  • Why Squeeze Pages are a critical part of your online business
  • How to create a high converting squeeze page over my shoulder
  • The 5 elements of a high converting squeeze page
  • How to sync your squeeze page with your email autoresponder to automatically follow up with your new leads

Squeeze Page Creation Demo:

What Is A Squeeze Page?

A squeeze page is a one-page website that has one goal — to capture email addresses and build your list.

They are also known as lead capture pages, opt-in pages, and landing pages.

The goal of the squeeze page is to convince, or “squeeze” a visitor into punching in their email address in return for additional information.

As an internet marketer, your #1 asset is your email subscriber list. If you don’t have a list, you don’t even exist as an online marketer.

The better relationship you have with your list and the bigger it is, the more money you stand to make (assuming you captured high quality email leads).

So what does a great squeeze page consist of and how do you make one?

5 Elements of a High Converting Squeeze Page

People are very protective about giving out their email address — especially in this day and age where spam is everywhere.

Here are some tips to giving them an offer they can’t refuse.

1. Speak to One Target Audience

You don’t want to speak to several different groups of people. The more laser-focused you can get with your perfect customer the better.

If you haven’t defined who that is then you should read this article.

Ideally, you want to know your perfect customer better than they know themselves. Know their frustrations, pains, questions, struggles, wants, desires, needs and dreams.

When you know these things, it’s easy to do number 2…

2. Craft an Attention Grabbing Headline

The headline states the offer.

People want to know, “What’s in it for me?” Tell them the benefits they will receive when they enter in their email.

A compelling headline includes curiosity and benefit.

3. A Clean Layout

The best squeeze pages are simple and clean.

Although you want a professional looking squeeze page, it doesn’t have to be super fancy with moving graphics and cutting-edge designs.

That stuff is distracting to the visitor.

Your only goal is to get their email address, and basic templates outperform fancy ones more often than not.

4. A Freebie Offer

Giving something away for free to your visitors will increase your conversions. This is also called a lead-magnet.

What can you offer to your potential subscriber that would make them want to opt-in to your email list?

Common examples are ebooks, whitepapers, video trainings, spreadsheets, tools, and cheat sheets.

5. A Strong Call-To-Action

The final piece to a high converting squeeze page is a strong call-to-action that tells them exactly what they need to do.

This usually consists of a name and/or email field plus a button with text on it.

Generally, the more fields you require, the less leads you will get (but they will be higher quality).

I recommend two fields max (name and email). I prefer just email.

The button color should be eye-popping. Red and yellow work great.

The button text should be compelling not boring. “Get Instant Access” or “Download Now!” is more powerful than “Sign Up” or “Register”.

Excellent Squeeze Page Examples

The following examples are in difference niches, but they all include the 5 elements to a successful squeeze page.



How To Make a Squeeze Page With ClickFunnels

Clickfunnels is the best squeeze page creator out there. It’s simple to use (for non-techies), has a TON of variety, and tracks useful statistics.

Not only can you create squeeze pages, but you can create entire funnels to sell your products and services as well. I honestly believe this service trumps anything else out there on the market.

It also syncs with Aweber (and most major email marketing tools), so that you can add new subscribers directly into your email follow up sequence.

Refer to the video above to learn how simple it is to create high converting squeeze pages with ClickFunnels.


Remember, leads are the lifeblood of your business.

If you want to make more money online, you will want to grow a bigger email list.

To build your email list, you need to use squeeze pages to collect emails.

The longer you wait to do this, the more time and money you will lose, so get started with Aweber and ClickFunnels today so you can make high converting squeeze pages.

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