14 Simple Ways to Find Killer Blog Post Ideas (#4 Is My Favorite)

Are you ready to discover dozens of profitable and popular blog post ideas for your website?

This powerful guide will walk you through 14 killer keyword research strategies so that you can uncover blog post topics that your audience craves.

If you’re brand new, keyword research is simply uncovering search phrases that people are typing into search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, forums, and more.

These keywords make for great blog posts.

I recommend using the 14 strategies below to find 30-50 keywords, which will arm you with enough content for at least 6 months.

1. Google Autocomplete

Have you ever noticed the dropdown box that appears when you start typing in Google?

This is Google’s autocomplete feature.

It’s powerful because Google is suggesting these keywords based off other common searches.


2. Google Related Search

When you scroll down to the bottom of the page, Google has a section called “Searches related to…”

It looks like this:


This is a gold mine for blog post ideas.

You can take it a step further by clicking one of the related searches and repeating the process.

3. Google Keyword Planner Tool

This tool was created for Advertisers, but it’s a great tool to find keyword ideas.

Type in a broad keyword, click “Get Ideas” and Google will populate a list of related keywords.


It also tells you how many average monthly searches each keyword gets, so you can anticipate how much traffic, or people, you can potentially drive to your site if you ranked on page 1.


4. Long Tail Pro

This is one of my favorite keyword research methods.

Long Tail Pro is like the Google Keyword Planner Tool on steroids.

First off, it brings back way more results, and the platinum version has a feature called “Average Keyword Competitiveness,” or AKC.

The AKC is a number between 0-100. The closer to 0, the easier it is to rank for that keyword. The closer to 100, the harder it is.

If your blog is new, then I would target keywords with an AKC lower than 34. Anything higher than that will be too competitive until you build your authority.


This tool will save you a lot of time. You can get a 10-day trial for $1 here.

5. YouTube Autocomplete

The YouTube autocomplete feature is very similar to the Google autocomplete feature, but I like to use it because it can return different results.


6. Soovle.com

Soovle is a powerful free tool that’s easy to use and pulls results from Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Ask.com AND Wikipedia.


This tool is awesome because it populates long tail keyword ideas that your competition probably overlooked.


7. Keywordtool.io

Keywordtool.io is amazing and free.

What makes it unique is that it will add characters before and after your main keyword, starting with “a” and ending with “z”.

For example, I typed in the main keyword “content marketing.”

It returned 369 results, including keywords like “creating a content marketing plan,” “content marketing best practices,” “content marketing calendar template,” and so on.


It also returns results with the numbers “1-10”:


8. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is an amazing tool to identify what content is hot within your industry.

A quick search will bring up the most shared content related to that topic.

Use BuzzSumo to find proven blog post ideas that your target audience loves.


9. Competitor Blogs

What better place to find viral content ideas then on your competitors blogs?

A quick scroll through DigitalMarketers blog revealed this post that had over 1,000 social shares.


Comb through the top 3-5 blogs in your niche, find the most sharable content, and then write a similar post but make it better.

10. Udemy

Udemy is an online marketplace where you can buy courses on just about any hobby or interest.

Just filter by topic using the search bar:



#1 Look at the courses people are buying…

…and create similar content on your blog.


You can click on the course and get more blog post ideas by reading the description. Look for bolded phrases and/or bullet points.


#2 Use the search autocomplete feature

This will tell you what other people are searching for.


11. Forums

Forums have long been one of the best places to find content ideas because everyone who hangs out there share a similar interest.

Google search “keyword” + “forums” to find forums in your niche.

Most forums have sub-forums that go deeper into a specific topic.


You can find endless blog post ideas just by browsing through the thread headlines.


12. Amazon

You can find so many hidden gem blog post ideas on Amazon.

Just search your topic and find books that let you “look inside” for free.



Go to the table of contents and you can pickup handfuls of blog post ideas.


Pretty sweet, huh?

13. FAQfox

FAQfox will scrape a list of threads from different forums, subreddits, and aggregator sites.

To get started, enter a main keyword, choose a pre-made category, and hit search.

Within moments you’ll have a list of potential blog post ideas.



14. Q&A Sites

Q&A sites like Quora and Yahoo Answers are great places to find content ideas.

Simply type in your topic and pick out the questions that you could turn into great blog posts.



Blog Post Ideas Summary

And there you have it: 14 AMAZING ways to find profitable and popular blog post ideas for your website.

So what do you think?

Do you have a favorite method that I didn’t include on the list?

Let me hear about it in the comments below.

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  • January 31, 2017

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