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Youngevity Reviews: Discover the Truth Here…


If you are looking for Youngevity reviews or information about the actual products then head over to their main website.

In this post, I am going to focus on the business opportunity side of Youngevity.

There are many Youngevity distributors making money but there are more who don’t make a dime.

So let me discuss the pros and cons of joining Youngevity and why most people fail to succeed.

Youngevity Reviews: What Is It?

Youngevity provides nutrition and lifestyle-related services that improve your vitals, help you feel more energetic, and better your health and wellness.

They offer products for weight loss, blood sugar, bone & joints, digestive support, brain & heart, and athletic performance.

They also offer the opportunity to become a Youngevity distributor where you can recommend and sell their products to others and earn a commission.

The more customers and teammates your bring in, the more money you can make.


Youngevity Scam: Is it True?

Although Youngevity is an multilevel marketing company, that doesn’t mean it is a scam.

There are tons of people in the company who are making money and living a better lifestyle because of the products and the business model.

However, what most people don’t see is how hard they had to work to get there.

Most people who call companies scams are just butt-hurt because they didm;t get results themselves, or they are trying to convert you into their business opportunity.

The truth is MLM and network marketing is a legitimate business model and can be very rewarding if you are the right fit.

Who is Youngevity For?

Youngevity is for the entrepreneurial minded.

Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.

In other words, if you can look past the short term sacrifice (working harder and longer in the beginning) and focus on the long term gain (financial freedom, lifestyle freedom, being your own boss) then this can be a great fit for you.

It’s a bonus if you believe in the type of products Youngevity sells (which will make the process much more enjoyable).

Youngevity is NOT for the lazy man who is comfortable with a 9-5 schedule, answering to a boss, and guaranteed paychecks. If that is you then stop reading now.

Otherwise let’s talk about how to be successful with this business.

The Best Way to Market Youngevity

The reason why most people fail in offline network marketing and mlm companies is because they are trained to use old-school marketing methods like:

  • cold calling and knocking on doors
  • making a list of friends and family members to contact
  • passing out fliers, brochures, and DVDS, etc.

While these methods do work to a certain extent, they are not ideal.


Because you are marketing to people who could care less about it.

Yes, your friends or family may join in the beginning, but only because they feel guilty. Typically, they drop off sooner or later.

The right way to do this business is to marketing to PRE-QUALIFIED leads. People who have already shown interest before, or have made a similar purchase to the products or business opportunity you are promoting.

For example, is your friend a better prospect, or is someone who has joined MLM before a better prospect?

Now, the BIG advantage that offline mlm companies have is that most people aren’t marketing their business on the internet.

This leaves a big gap in the market. A gap that you could fill.

Let me explain.

You probably found this blog post by searching Google or you found it somewhere else on the internet.

I spent 30 minutes writing this post, and people like you can find it everyday.

I don’t have to cold-call, or knock on doors, or guilt my friends and family.

This is the power of learning internet marketing and having your business work for you 24/7 no matter if you are eating, sleeping, or living life.

You might be thinking, “But Tim, I don’t know where to start or how.”

Don’t worry, I have you covered.

What To Do Next

Here are some simple steps to getting started today.

1.) Create a Blog

Blogging is how people will find you in the search engines and it is how they build a relationship with you.

If you are the person providing all the answers then they will trust you.

People buy from people who they like and trust, not strangers hiding behind a computer screen.

Having a blog is non-negotiable!!

So follow my mlm blog tutorial if you need help setting one up.

2.) Do keyword research & create content

Most people struggle with blogging because they don’t know what to write about.

Fortunately for us, there are tools we can use to find out exactly what our target audience is typing into search engines.

You probably typed in “Youngevity reviews or Yougevity scam.”

I knew this, so that is why I wrote this review.

When you have a list of phrases people are searching for that is backed by hard data then you can create all the content that caters to them.

Then you become the person with all the answers that other people trust and value.

3.) Market your content

You can’t expect to write a blog post and then have thousands of people find it the next day.

It doesn’t work like that.

But you can market your content across social media and some other resources, as well as build backlinks (a search engine optimization strategy) to your blog so it ranks higher in the search engines.

4.) Get people to subscribe to your email newsletter!!!

This is HUGE.

Most people will not buy the very first time they visit your site or the first time they are pitched to.

It takes on average 7-14 followups to get someone to buy what you’re selling.

Therefore, if you’re relying on people to buy immediately then you will be disappointed.

So it’s important to get people to subscribe to your email newsletter so that you can follow up with them over time and sell your stuff later on.

This is where a lot of newbie marketers go wrong. They don’t put enough emphasis on building their subscribers,

I wrote an entire post on how to setup a killer network marketing autoresponder that converts new leads into hot buyers, so check it out.

5.) Continue to follow up and give value to your audience

Keep giving value to your subscribers and to your non-subscribers by creating new blog posts and videos, teaching them new things, providing testimonials and stories that inspire them.

Like I mentioned earlier, people buy from people they like and trust.

If you are doing those things consistently, then you will be impressed with the results.


So that about sums it up.

Obviously, that is just the basics of internet marketing and there is a LOT more I can teach you.

Glad you enjoyed my Youngevity review.

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