Writing for the New Blog

Core Topics:

– how to drive blog traffic (guest posting, social media, paid advertising, content marketing, copywriting)
– conversions (lead generation, sales funnels, email marketing, landing pages)

Sub Topics:

– business/leadership (sales, productivity, psychology)

Post Requirements:

– provide hands on actionable advice
– tutorial and/or case study
– backed with real world data/examples
– include appropriate images to guide readers
– readers walk away with actionable advice they can apply to their own sites

Content & Writing Format

– tone of voice should be casual like you’re talking to a friend
– don’t be afraid to be yourself and have fun
– no pretentious business tones or preachy writing
– no fluff. keep sentences short and to the point.
– no more than 2-3 sentences per paragraph
– length: 1,500 minimum (2,000+ is better)

Format your content in this structure-

– open with an intro and a “What You Will Learn” section with 3-5 bullet points
– move into main content
– conclusion / wrap it up