Wealthy Affiliate Review: Read This Before You Join!!

If you stumbled across this Wealthy Affiliate review then you are probably wondering whether it’s worth your investment.

There are a ton of Wealthy Affiliate reviews out there, but most of them are from existing members who are trying to recruit you into the system.

I am not a member of Wealthy Affiliate, but I have plenty of experience marketing online and coaching others to see results online.

I’ve also done my own due diligence on the company so you can expect a fair and honest review.

Wealthy Affiliate Review: What Is It?wealthy-affiliate-review

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is a membership training site and community that teaches the average person how to make money online.

The trainings specialize in affiliate marketing, which is selling other people’s/company’s products to earn commissions.

The community is there for support, guidance, and encouragement. Go to the discussion boards to post questions and find answers.

Wealthy Affiliate also includes two free WordPress blogs to get your started.

Lastly, each member of Wealthy Affiliate has their own personal information page much like Facebook. You can add a bio, post on other member’s walls, view their recent posts, and send them messages.

So that’s a birds eye view of Wealthy Affiliate. Let’s take a closer look at their training.

Wealthy Affiliate University

The classroom training includes topics such as:

  • Getting started
  • Keyword research
  • How to pick a niche market
  • Everything WordPress
  • Writing content
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay per click marketing (PPC)
  • Social media marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Local marketing
  • Website development and programming

Each category is comprised of several videos, some available to all members, others only available to premium members.

You’re probably wondering, what’s difference between the two?

Basic Membership vs. Premium Membership: The Good and the Bad

The good news about the basic membership is it’s free and includes the two free WordPress sites and access to the basic training videos.

The bad news is that you don’t actually own your blog. If Wealthy Affiliate was to ever go down, then POOF! Your site would be gone.

You also have to use a subdomain, so the URL of your site would look like www.yoursite.siterubix.com.

That’s not the way you want to brand yourself online.

Secondly, you only get access to the community for the first 7-days of your free membership. Afterwards, you have upgrade your account to engage with the WA community.

The good news about the premium membership is that you get access to all of the training and more features for your blog, including the option to transfer your blog to a custom domain.

The bad news is that you still don’t own your blog, and you don’t have full control of the customization and functionality of your blog, such as choosing custom themes and installing custom plugins.

What Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

The basic membership is free.

The premium membership is $47 a month or $359 a year.

How To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate

You can recommend the training and community to others and earn commissions when they join as a premium member.

If you are a basic member then you earn $11.25 per month when someone pays monthly, and $87.50 one-time when someones pays annually.

As a premium member, you earn $22.50 per month and $175 per annual sale.

Wealthy Affiliate Scam: Is It True?

Wealthy Affiliate is not a multilevel marketing or network marketing business opportunity.

They offer good training and a supporting community to help average people learn how to make money online with affiliate marketing.

Now, I don’t believe mlm or network marketing is a scam in the first place. In fact, I embrace both because they offer a great opportunity to create a lifestyle with more time freedom, financial freedom, and location freedom.

Most people have a negative perception about make money online company’s because they have been burned in the past or because they had the wrong expectations when joining.

However, the main reason why people call things scams online is because they had the expectation that they could make a lot of money fast with little work.

Listen, making money online is entirely possible, but it isn’t some magic pill to getting rich quick and being able to replace your regular income in just a few months.

When you decide to walk the path of an internet marketer, you are walking the path of an entrepreneur. It’s not easy. If it was, then everyone would do it.

 The Problem with Wealthy Affiliate

I believe there are much better sources to get top-notch affiliate marketing and SEO training.

Secondly, the Wealthy Affiliate training caters to small commission products found on Amazon and Clickbank.

You have to make hundreds of sales EVERY MONTH to earn a lot of money. This just seems like a grind to me.

I would much rather promote high-ticket products that can get me over the $10k/month mark with just a handful of sales.

How to Use Wealthy Affiliate Successfully

 Step 1: The best way to use Wealthy Affiliate is to take the training and apply it to selling high-ticket products.

Like I mentioned before, you would rather make a handful of sales that pays your thousands of dollars per month versus having to make hundreds of sales.

Contrary to popular belief, it is NOT harder to sell high-ticket than it is to sell low-ticket.

Step 2: Create your OWN blog and start branding yourself

Your blog is your biggest asset and you want to be in full control of it.

Creating a blog is not hard and you can get it all setup for an entire year for less than $100, which is what you are paying in 2.5 months as a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate.

This way you can customize your theme, graphics, and plugins that best brand yourself online.

In the online world, people follow people, and having a brand will separate your from all the others who are hiding behind their computer screens.

Step 3: Pick a niche and start creating content

Decide what it is you would like to sell online, do some keyword research, and start creating content.

You only want to market to a specific pocket of people — people who would actually buy what you are selling.

So keyword research is finding out what those people are typing into search engines like Google so that we can go create content that caters to that search.

Content comes in the form of blog posts, videos, audios, ebooks, podcasts, pictures, etc.

Step 4: Start building an email list

People will not always buy on their first visit.

It usually takes 7+ follow ups before someone decides to buy.

Therefore, it is crucial that we get people subscribing to our email newsletter when they visit our blog because there is no promise that they will ever come back again.

If we capture their email address, we can market to them at later dates via email, which gives us the best shot at converting them into a sale.

I wrote an entire post on how to setup a killer network marketing autoresponder that converts new leads into hot buyers, so check it out.


If you are still interested in giving Wealthy Affiliate a shot then take advantage of the free 7-day trial with the basic membership. Make sure you dive in head first and do as much as possible.

If you want to go deeper on this, I created a free training called my 7-Step Plan for growing an audience and creating a hyper-engaged email list.

Get it for free here.
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