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The Best Vollara Review



Tim here.

Thanks for tuning into my Vollara Review. If you are here then you are looking for more information about this company.

This Vollara review will focus on the business opportunity and how to be successful with it.

So, if you are looking for more info about the Vollara products then visit their website.

P.S. I am NOT a distributor for Vollara, but I do coach network marketers how to get more leads  & sales for their business.

Vollara Review

Vollara is a health and wellness company that offers air purification, filtered water, and nutritional supplement products.

You can buy the products if you like them. You can also become a Vollara distributor and recommend the products to others and earn money.

This is the business opportunity side of Vollara that I’m going to discuss further.

Vollara Scam: Is It True?

There are a lot of accusations out there from people claiming Vollara to be a scam.

I just laugh because the business opportunity is definitely not for everyone.

When you become a distributor for a network marketing company like Vollara, you are essentially becoming the CEO of your own business.

It is your job to go out and hustle, find leads, pitch your products, make sales, and recruit more team members.

It takes time to be successful, but most people expect instant gratification and results. When they don’t get it, they would rather blame the company than take responsibility for lack of effort.

The bottom line, if you are entrepreneurial-spirited and are ready to take on the challenge, then this opportunity may be for you.

Let’s talk about how to be successful.

How To Market Vollara Successfully

Most people learn old-school tactics to marketing their business such as:

  • talk to everyone within 3 feet of you
  • make a list of friends and family members and call them
  • host home parties and hotel meetings

These strategies do work, but they take up a lot of time and energy.

The smarter way to market Vollara is online.

There are tons of people searching for information about Vollara online (just like you), and these are the people you want to be marketing to.

Think about it, would you rather be pitching the Vollara products and opportunity to your friends and family (who may not give a lick about it), or to people who are ALREADY interested in more information.

This is called finding pre-qualified leads, and it will make your life a hell of a lot easier.

So how do you get started?

5-Step Cheat Sheet To Getting Started Online

1. Create a Blog

Your blog is how you brand yourself online. It’s how people learn about you and your story.

It’s how you separate yourself from all the other people out there.

It’s also where you create blog posts that will help your target market get the information they are looking for.

If you don’t have a blog or you don’t want to deal with the technical headache of setting one up then get a free one from me.

2. Keyword Research

This means finding out what your target buyer is searching for in Google.

Discover what your target buyer wants, and what he is struggling with.

One you know those things, you can market to them perfectly.

3. Create Content

Use keyword research methods to create content that solves your target buyers pains and problems.

Create content that helps move them from pain into pleasure.

4. Build Your Email List

This is the most important element of your blog. You want to collect emails aka leads.

This is how you will follow up with your subscribers and build a relationship with them.

People want to buy from people they know, like, and trust. Not some stranger.

5. Keep Giving Value and Using Email Follow Ups

The more value you give the more you will get back. Be consistency with your blog posts and email follow ups.

Over time, people will be attracted to you and will want to work with you because you give them so much value.

Vollara Review Summary

Obviously, there is a lot more I can teach you, but that is a great starting point.

Thanks for reading my Vollara review.

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