Turnkey Internet Business Opportunities For Home Based Marketers 2017

Hey from Tim,

If you’re an affiliate marketer or info-product creator looking for turnkey internet business opportunities then I might have the answer for you.

The learning curve to starting a internet home business can be intimidating, overwhelming, and discouraging.

Hence the demand for turnkey online business opportunities that offer all-inclusive, done-for-you solutions.

Before I paint a picture of how this looks and why it’s beneficial, let me give a more refined definition of what a turnkey business is:

What Is A Turnkey Business?

According to entrepreneur.com, a turnkey business opportunity is one that is so completely packaged that it provides everything you need to start the business, all you have to do is “turn the key” and open the door to be in business.

A great example of this is franchising a McDonalds.

The McDonalds system is so complete and refined that you just have to pony up the start up capital to be in business.

You don’t have to worry about building a brand, figuring out the menu, advertising, marketing, cooking, cleaning, and staffing procedures, etc.

All that stuff is already established, which is a huge advantage to you.

Types of Turnkey Business Opportunities

1. Offline Business Opportunities

Like I mentioned before, McDonalds would be a perfect example of an offline franchise.

Other popular franchises are Anytime Fitness, Subway, Jack in the Box, Great Clips, 7-Eleven, GNC, The UPS Store, and hundreds of more.

The disadvantage to these opportunities are the start up costs.

Opening any one of the franchises listed above would require an upfront investment between $50k and $2 million.


2.) Online Business Opportunities

An internet turnkey business doesn’t have the overhead costs, operating costs, and other expenses that offline business have and therefore are much cheaper to start.

You can get started with an online business system for a few thousand dollars, which is less risk and still offers high profit margins.

What To Look For With Online Turnkey Opportunities

I’m very careful when choosing the right biz op or affiliate program to promote.

Here are 5 things I look for:

#1 – Will the product help your customer?

I believe in creating authority brands that will stand the test of time and build a tribe or fans and repeat customers into the future.

I don’t jump from one shiny new opportunity to the next trying to get rich.

So when I promote something to my email list, then you know it’s going to be damn good and that I believe in it 100%.

All it takes to burn the trust with your customers is to sell them one crappy product.

So ask yourself, “would you feel good selling this to grandma?”

#2 – Is the product right for your niche?

If you’re an online marketer then you should be building an email list within a specific niche.

Does your product help your niche solve a specific pain or problem?

It’s also important to really understand your audience because they are so many sub-niches within all niches.

For example, make money online niche has sub-niches for affiliate marketers, network marketers, info-product creators, e-commerce businesses, coaching and consulting, etc.

And the people in those sub-niches are a little bit different from each other and want different things.

#3 – Do you use the product or believe in it?

When I first started online, I just wanted to make money and pay off my bills and debt.

So I made the newbie mistake of trying to sell products just to make money.

Not only did it fail miserably, but I felt guilty inside for peddling a junk product.

So I chose to value integrity over money and only promote things I use myself and know will add value to my buyers.

#4 – Is the product owner reliable?

You’re putting your reputation on the line by promoting an affiliate or business opportunity to your followers.

I like to feel confident that the leadership within the company is strong, it’s organized, it’s evergreen and that my customers will get 10x the value they are paying for.

#5 – Is the opportunity a launch or evergreen?

I prefer evergreen opportunities that are built to last and won’t become outdated fast.

This way, I don’t have to keep recreating my sales funnels and creating new email campaigns like you do with product launches.

I like to do the hard work once, tweak it a few times until it’s converting, and then let it run automatically with little amounts of human touch.

#6 – Does it pay enough to allow you to invest time and money to market it?

Does the product allow you to scale up your business?

Are there back-end products that allow you to make bigger commissions (i.e. $1k, $3k, $5+) that you can reinvest in paid traffic to acquire more customers?

I don’t want to spend my time marketing programs that only have low-ticket offers.

The low ticket offers help get customers in the door, but I want mid-ticket and high-ticket offers on the back-end because that’s where the real money is made.

Turnkey Home Based Business – Work At Home Online

So if you’re still looking for a high ticket turnkey business opportunity and you want to do it online or from home then check this one out..

And if you want to learn how to sell your turnkey business opportunity successfully, then I created a free training called my 7-Step Plan for growing an audience and creating a hyper-engaged email list.

Get it for free here.
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