Most Total Life Changes Reviews I’ve seen focus on the products and company history.

In this Total Life Changes review, we are going to focus on the mlm business opportunity and how can become a successful Total Life Changes distributor.

So if you want information about the company and it’s products then head to their website.

Otherwise, keep reading to find out how you can make the best of their business opportunity.

P.S. I am NOT an affiliate of Total Life Changes. I’m just an experienced online marketer who wants to help you get the best results.

How to Market Total Life Changes Online

There is a big advantage with network marketing┬ácompany’s. Most people don’t know how to market their business online.

Take this blog post for example. I ranked it to the top of Page 1 in Google and that’s how you probably found me ­čÖé

What if you knew how to do that?

There are hundreds of people every month searching for more information about Total Life Changes.

I call these people “pre-qualified leads,” because they have already shown interest in Total Life Changes.

Compare this to your friends, family members, and business contacts who have never requested information about Total Life Changes yet here you are giving them a presentation at your home.

To me, that is just a waste of time, energy, and effort.

I recommend learning how to generate leads online for your TLC business.

5 Steps to Marketing Total Life Changes Online

1. Start a blog

A blog is how you showcase your personality, market yourself, and attract the right people into your business.

You want to work with people who you will get alone with, so don’t be afraid to show off who you are and what you’re about.

People want to work with people they like and trust.

A blog is also how people will find you in the search engines.

You have to have a blog if you want to start marketing your business online.

If you don’t know how to create a blog, then you can follow my┬ámlm blog tutorial.

2.) Do Keyword Research and Start Creating Content

Keyword research is identifying what search phrases your target audience is searching for.

When you know what they are searching for, you can create content that specifically caters to their needs.

I can guarantee you that people interested in this business opportunity are searching for “Total Life Changes Reviews,” “Total Life Changes Products,” etc.

There’s a lot more that I can teach you on this subject in my free ebook.

3.) Market, Promote, and Advertise Your Content

You can have the best content in the world, but if no one can find it then it does you no good.

Learn how to share your content across social media and forums. You also want to learn the basics of search engine optimization, which is the process of ranking content higher in the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, etc).

If you aren’t on the first page of results then you won’t get a lot of people visiting your site.

4.) Get people to subscribe to your email newsletter

It usually takes 7 or more follow ups before someone will buy.

Therefore, if you don’t capture their email address then there is no way you can contact them later on.

That is why you want to offer something for free in exchange for their email address.

Something simple like, “my top 5 tips to losing weight,” or “my 5 favorite exercises for fat burning.”

Once they are on your list, you start creating a better relationship with them and then you can offer them some of your products that can help them with their health and fitness goals.

I wrote an entire post on how to setup a killer network marketing autoresponder that converts new leads into hot buyers, so check it out.

5.) Keep Providing Value

Teach people something new, give them information that solves their problems, provide testimonials about how your products are helping others.

This is all valuable information that your customers are wanting, and if you keep delivering value that benefits them, they will eventually buy from you and not the other guy (when they’re ready).

Total Life Changes Reviews Summary

Obviously, there is a lot more that I can teach you about marketing your business online, but that is a quick-start guide.

Thanks for reading my Total Life Changes Review.