#1 – Jaden-Easton Ellet, 6-Figure Earner

#2 – Vincent Ortega Jr., 7-Figure Earner

Vincent read on one of my blog posts and he was so impressed that he left a comment. This was a pleasant surprise, haha.

Vincent Ortega Jr. Testimonial

#3 Nathan Loy, Owner of Quick10Workouts

Nathan and I connected over Facebook. He needed help growing his workouts from home business. I helped him identify low-competition keywords that he could target with this YouTube videos and blog posts. He applied my training and instantly saw more traffic to his videos. One of his videos is ranked in the #1 spot for a specific keyword, has over 326,000 views and brings him new leads daily.

#4 – John Campbell

 John wanted to simplify his sales funnel on his blog, so I showed him exactly what I was doing with my funnel and lightbulbs went off in his head. I gave him some action steps to implement after our Skype call and he was thrilled to put it into action.

John Campbell Testimonial

#5 – Zach Bedor

Zach was an offline MLM marketer who wanted to expand his network online to get more leads and exposure. I hopped on a Skype call with Zach and showed him exactly how he could grow his offline business using online marketing.

zach bedor testimonaial

#6 – Kenneth Alford

Kenneth was working in an offline MLM company, and I showed him how he could leverage online marketing, Facebook in particular to grow his downline. He happened to check me out on Spotify to see what I was listening to…it wasn’t music but personal growth audios because success starts with having the right mindset.

Kenneth Testimonial

#7 – Teresa Wall

Teresa reached out to me on Facebook because she was inspired by my posts and wanted to get started in the work from home profession. I plugged her into our training and she took massive action.

Teresa Testimonal Better

#8 – Matt Dunne

Matt learned more in my blogging video course than he had learned in other training in the previous 3 months.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 8.25.14 PM

#9 – John King

John built successful downlines in offline network marketing companies, but he wanted to learn how to come online. He went through my internet marketing crash course and it gave him the direction he needed.

john king testimonial

These are just a handful of the testimonials I have received.

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