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SocialMonkee Review: Don’t Purchase Until You Read This!


If you found this SocialMonkee review then you are thinking about purchasing it for your own use.

I used SocialMonkee software to build links to my content, so let me share with you the pros and the cons of this link building tool.

SocialMonkee Review: Is It A Good Link Building Solution?


SocialMonkee is a link building software that allows you to build 100s of backlinks back to your blog posts, webpages, and videos.

Back in the day, ranking your content in the search engines was all about how many backlinks you had pointing to your site.

Thus, people were buying backlinks and creating backlinks like crazy.

Unfortunately, Google came out with a new update to their algorithm that penalized sites that had tons of low-quality backlinks.

Nowadays, you have to be much more cautious with the way you build backlinks to avoid getting the Google slap.

I mistakenly used SocialMonkee to build backlinks to my blog and it resulted in a ton of low-quality links.

If I could go back and do this over then I never would’ve used SocialMonkee to build links back to my blog.

However, that doesn’t mean SocialMonkee is useless.

In fact, SocialMonkee can be used effectively to build backlinks back to YouTube videos and your tiered links.

I’ve seen several of my YouTube videos shoot up to page 1 after using SocialMonkee to build backlinks.

It works for tiered links as well because tiered links act as a buffer site. If the tiered links get penalized by Google then it doesn’t matter because you can go create another one AND your main site won’t be effected.

That is how I started using SocialMonkee after making the initial mistake.

Today, I have moved on from SocialMonkee to use a much more powerful and safe alternative.

Link Emperor vs SocialMonkee

In my opinion, Link Emperor is the cream of the crop when it comes to link building tools.

Basically, the guys who created Link Emperor go out and buy solid link packages from different vendors and then build those links into your campaign.

These links range from web 2.0s, blog comments, private blog networks, forum profiles, article posts, social bookmarking, wiki submissions, and more.

You get a much wider variety of links, which Google likes because it looks more normal.

Therefore, you can use Link Emperor to build links anywhere, including to your blog, videos, or tiered links.

Here’s an example of the manual control you have when creating a backlink campaign. I adjusted the sliders to meet the criteria I wanted.


Another fascinating feature of Link Emperor is that you can choose the anchor text variation.

The Google Penguin update targeted sites with over-optimized anchor text or keyword stuffing.

With Link Emperor, you have full customization on the anchor text and how often certain variations get used.

You can be as conservative as you want so that you don’t get put in the Google Sandbox.


Link Emperor also sends you weekly reports that show you how far up or down your content moved in the Search Engines and handfuls of other features to help you dominate the search engines.

SocialMonkee does none of the above and that’s why I prefer Link Emperor.

SocialMonkee Summary

Use SocialMonkee to build backlinks to your videos or tiered sites.

Use Link Emperor to build backlinks to your main blog, videos, and tiered links.
Also use it to build diversified links with customized anchor text variations to get the best results from Google and to get reports on how well your rankings are doing.

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