Day 4 – Setting Up Your Blog To Generate Leads and Sales

By now you should have already applied for MTTB, if you haven’t do so now here.

In today’s lesson, we are going to setup your central hub, aka blog, for your business.

Setting up your blog is one of the most important steps. It doesn’t matter if you do paid traffic, SEO, Facebook or YouTube marketing to build your business.

You  should ALWAYS be directing people back to your blog to turn them into loyal readers and customers. Your blog is where you build relationships and let people into your world so they can decide if they want to work with you.

Don’t want to setup your blog yourself? Get a done-for-you blog through the Lifestyle Design Network
Let me setup your self-hosted blog for you.

If you have technical experience or you want to learn how to setup your own self-hosted blog then use this blog post and follow the step-by-step tutorial video below:

Resources Mentioned:

Hostgator – this is my #1 choice for hosting. I use it for all my sites and client sites.

Thesis – this is the same theme I use on my blog. It’s optimized to show up correctly on mobile phones and optimized for the search engine optimization so you can rank higher in the search engines. They have several different layouts to choose from.


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