The Secrets to Creating Daily Content FOREVER

One of the biggest struggles I had when I first came online was producing high-value content on a regular basis.

Can you relate?

I was looking at leaders in my niche, and I saw them pumping out 4-5 value-filled Facebook posts per day, a few amazing blog posts per week, and a handful of badass YouTube videos on top of that!

I just started shaking my head because I couldn’t wrap my brain around how they were pulling this off. I immediately felt discouraged because I didn’t have that kind of ammunition stored in my brain. I hadn’t been in the profession very long, so I was worried that I wouldn’t have anything to bring to the table.

If you have ever felt this way then you know how discouraging it can be especially for the new guy.

But don’t worry guys and gals. I have your back.

I’m going to share with you how I broke free from these chains and got to a point where I NEVER had to worry about creating content ever again.

For a shortened version, check out the video.

Content Creation Tip #1: Immerse Yourself in Your Profession

Hopefully you are in a profession that truly inspires you. If not, then this tip might not serve you. However, if you love what you do then I bet you are always hungry to devour more information regarding your niche.

For me personally, I am always eager to learn more and grow as a person. I am constantly picking up books on internet marketing, network marketing, and personal development. I follow up those books with podcasts, video courses, and coaching.

There is SO much information out there that you can pretty much Google search anything and find answers, but I only want to learn from people I would trade places with.

So lookup the best books in your niche and hit your local library or Amazon. Check out iTunes top podcasts, and find 1-2 podcasts that you vibe with. Then hit YouTube for some video wisdom and invest in coaching or mentorship with leaders above you.

Lastly, hop onto webinars (these are hot now-a-days) and Google hangouts for continued education. Personal growth and education should never stop, even when you become successful because the more you learn the more you earn.

The bottom line: this is all valuable information that you can learn from, spin into your own words and re-publish to your followers. Now you become the guru in their eyes.

Content Creation Tip #2: Developing Opportunistic Eyes

Once you are consistent with creating content and you are doing it daily, you start to develop an ‘eye’ for opportunities to share or create valuable information.

Mark Hoverson taught me this one. You start to see opportunity where most people see nothing. I believe that the majority of people are unaware, and they don’t see things right in front of them.

However, when you build content on the reg you will start to look for more, and you will be surprised at how much valuable wisdom is right underneath your nose.

I find myself turning little excerpts from books and podcasts into Facebook posts, blog posts, and YouTube videos where others would just wouldn’t have a second thought about it.

Here is a little tip: whenever you find yourself smiling or nodding at something you read because it makes perfect sense to you, take a minute and think about how you can expand on it and turn it into content.

See, it’s so simple.

Content Creation Tip #3: Invest, Learn and Teach

This is piggy-backing off of point #1.

Invest in products, courses, coaching, etc. Learn the information in those resources and apply them. Once you become skilled, teach the information to others.

This one is self-explanatory.

Content Creation Tip #4: Reverse Engineer Your Competitors

Don’t re-invent the wheel. If you’re assignment was to write a tutorial on how to make a pizza from scratch, what would you do?

You would find some recipes and articles written by OTHER PEOPLE, read through them, and then repurpose it in your own words.

We can do the exact same thing with our blog posts, Facebook statuses, and YouTube videos.

Find a few mentors or leaders that you look up to and follow them on social media and checkout their website. Go back and look at past posts and videos they did, and if you like one, recreate it in your own words.

Don’t copy them word for word. That’s not cool (and it’s plagiarism). Make it your own and add an extra piece of information. Try and go above and beyond.


If you follow these tips then you will never have a problem creating new content ever again. Make sure to have a pen and paper handy so you can take notes, or put them in your phone so you don’t forget them.

I guarantee you will have hundreds if not thousands of topics to produce content on if you follow my advice.

Cheers to never having to worry about this ever again.

  • Tim
  • June 17, 2014

Hey I'm Tim - this blog is about sharing the digital strategies I've used to create a 5-figure income online, so maybe you can do it too (if that's what you want) :) I also have an Australian Shepherd named after Slim Shady & I'm a huge fan of hockey. Shoot Me a Message on Facebook. I'll always reply back

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