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Seacret Reviews: A Home Business Scam?


Tim here.

There are a ton of Seacret Reviews out there talking about the products, but I’m going to focus on the business opportunity and how to be successful.

So if you want more information about the Seacret products then go to their website.

Otherwise, stick around to learn how you can get results marketing this business.

P.S. I am not an affiliate of this company so this will be an unbiased Seacret review.

But first let’s address the scam rumors surrounding this company.

Seacret Direct Scam: True or False?

Seacret Direct is a beauty and skincare company that uses mud, salt, and mineral extracts from the Dead Sea in Israel

You can find dozens and dozens of positive Seacret Reviews in Google and on YouTube, so there is nothing hypey about the actual products.

Most people who call Seacret Direct a scam are referring to the mlm/network marketing business opportunity.

The problem with offline network marketing companies is that everyone is taught the same old dog tricks.

  • Make a list of contacts
  • Pick up the phone and start cranking out cold-calls
  • Drive all around the city and host home parties and hotel meetings
  • Hop on 3way calls with your uplink
  • blah blah blah and so on and so forth.

These strategies work to some extent, but there is definitely a better way.

The big advantage to offline network marketing companies is that hardly anyone is marketing their business online, and that’s what I specialize in teaching my coaching students.

Seacret Reviews

5 Steps to Marketing Your Seacret Direct Business Online

Step 1: Create a blog!!

A blog acts as your central hub online.

It’s where people go to learn about YOU and about your business.

A blog lets you showcase your personality and uniqueness

[Here’s my step-by-step blog setup tutorial]

People want to join people they like and trust, not some random stranger. Be authentic and you will attract people who are a good fit for your business.

Step 2: Create Content

Now that you have your blog you want to beef it up with content (blog posts, videos, etc.), but not just any content.

Most people blog blindly and have no idea who they are marketing to.

You want to market to people interested in Seacret Direct, network marketing, beauty and skincare products.

This is why it’s important to learn keyword research so that you can find out exactly what your target audience is searching for in Google. Then you can create content that caters to their needs.

Otherwise, you are just wasting your time.

Step 3: Market and Promote Your Content

Beginners believe that they can create a blog and thousands of people will find it magically.

I wish it worked that way, but it doesn’t.

You have to know how to market and promote your content to the right people.

Sharing it across social media is a good start, but you also want to learn the fundamentals of search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO is what will rank your blog posts to the first page of Google where people will click it.

If you are stuck on page 10 of Google then no one will ever visit your site.

Don’t worry, this is something I teach in my free internet marketing crash course.

Can you imagine how much money you could make if you were ranking on Page 1 for the phrase “Seacret reviews” or “Seacret Direct Reviews”?

Step 4: Build Your Email Subscriber List

You want to start building an email list right away.

When you capture someone’s email address, you can market to them at a later date through email.

If you don’t capture it, then you might never get the chance to talk to that person again. You are missing out on a potential customer.

The important thing is building a better relationship with the people on your list. You can share stories, provide testimonials, offer more value, explain why your product can help them, etc.

Remember, people buy from people who they like and trust.

[Read: Tutorial on how to setup an email autoresponder]

Step 5: Continue to Give Value to Your List

The marketer who gives the most value typically wins.

If you consistently provide your target audience with valuable information that teaches them something new, provides solutions to their problems, helps them attain their goals, etc. Then you will make money.

Don’t stop blogging, recording videos, or emailing your list. Always go out of your way to help your customers get what they want.


There’s a lot more I can teach you, but that was a quick crash course.

If you want to learn how to build your Seacret business with a blog then watch my 5-Step Blogging Cheatsheet.

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