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Pure Leverage Review – Don’t Join Just Yet

Hey there friend.

I’m really glad that you found this Pure Leverage Review because you are considering joining. I just wanted to point something out that most people don’t think about.

First let’s dive into this pure leverage review and answer what it is, what products are included, and the compensation plan.

Pure Leverage Review – Short and Sweet

Pure Leverage is a cheaper alternative marketing suite that will give the tools to market your business.

There are two levels:

Basic Level Membership – $1 trial for 7-days, $24.95 a month afterwards

At this level you get access to the blog, autoresponder, webinar platform, capture pages and basic training.

VIP Level – $97 a month

Get access to advanced training on how to use these tools to the max

Reseller Fee – $19.95 a month

Become a Pure Leverage affiliate and resell their products for 100% commissions.

Total if all-in – $141.90


Pure Leverage Products

Let’s take a closer look at the products:

Email Autoresponder

Every marketer needs an autoresponder to run an online business. This is how you follow up with your contacts after you get their email address. It takes 7-14 follow ups to convert a lead into a sale.

Most people go with aweber, but Pure Leverage is much cheaper and you get 10,000 subscribers at the basic level. There has also been rumors of aweber randomly deleting email lists (which is a nightmare for an internet marketer).

Also, the commission structure is better for PL than aweber.

Power Blogging System

Pure Leverage offers a done-for-you blog platform which makes it easy for beginners to build a website.

However, if you are in this for the long haul, I would just invest in your own WordPress blog and learn as you go.

Video Email

This is cool. You can embed your videos inside of the actual email body copy so that your readers can watch your video without having to go to YouTube.

Pre-Built Squeeze Pages

Very advantageous for beginners starting out who don’t know what a squeeze page is or how to build one.

Also good for experienced marketers who know how to drive traffic.

Webinar Platform

Gotomeeting is the standard but it can be expensive. Pure Leverage webinar platform works just as well at a much cheaper price.

Here are some features:

– Host meetings: 100 seats

– Record video and audio of presentations

– Allows for multiple speakers at once and desktop sharing

– Conduct live polls to your viewers
Members can invest in paid traffic to drive more traffic to their squeeze pages and start building their email lists.

Paid Traffic and Co-ops

This is great for beginners who don’t know squat about paid traffic but want to build a following fast.

The owner, Joel Therien sets it all up so you don’t have to stress about it.

Who is Joel Therien?

Joel Therien is a successful internet marketer and owner of Pure Leverage. He specializes in providing autoresponders and hosting services.

Are you ready for the compensation plan?

Pure Leverage Compensation Plan

The great thing about Pure Leverage is the reoccurring income. Our goal as internet marketers is to create multiple streams of passive, recurring income.

pure-leverage-compensation-planIt sucks having to sale one-time commission items because you have to work just as hard the next month to match it. With recurring income, you get paid every month for that sale.

One must pay the monthly reseller fee of $19.97 a month to become a Pure Leverage affiliate.

The first month you can earn %100 commissions and every month after is %50.

Pure Leverage also offers a matching check bonus if your downline actively promotes it. The bonus does not come out of your teams earnings, which is great.

How to Market Pure Leverage

This is what most people don’t take time thinking about. There are two ways that you can market this business.

1. Market it as a tool

In my opinion, I don’t believe Pure Leverage was meant to be sold as a main product. Yes, Joel Therien probably designed it to be that way, but you have to make a LOT of sales (200+) to make a $10,000 a month recurring income.

I would much rather promote an opportunity that has higher ticket offers and doesn’t require as many sales.

2. Market it as your primary business opportunity

You can choose to market Pure Leverage as your main biz op but like I mentioned, it would take a big downline to see significant money. If you decide to do this then I can help you with that.

Is Pure Leverage a Scam?


Pure Leverage is a great marketing suite that will help business owners market their business at a cheaper price.

Instead of paying for aweber, GoToMeeting, website hosting, and capture page software individually, which adds up. You can get all these tools just with Pure Leverage for $24.95 a month.

You can’t get fooled by all the scam accusations out there.

The people who call it a scam are the ones who joined with a get rich quick mentality. The probably thought they could swipe their credit card, post a few links, throw some money at their problems, and make a few thousands dollars by next week with 2 hours of work.

Haha. If you ever find a business work like that then be sure to email me 🙂

If you are someone who is ready to change their life with internet marketing and are willing to put in the work, then this tool will help you get there.

Pure Leverage vs Empower Network & ILN – What’s Better?

This is going to piggy back off what I said earlier.

Pure Leverage, Empower Network, and the Internet Lifestyle Network are three different beasts.

Empower Network provides personal development and internet marketing training.

Internet Lifestyle Network is attraction marketing and high-level entrepreneurial training designed to create 6-figure earners & 7-figure earners.

Pure Leverage is more so a marketing suite to help you promote your main biz ops.

Make sense?

Pure Leverage Summary

By now you should feel confident after reading this pure leverage review.

It is a great tool and it has all the resources you need and at an incredible price and a great compensation plan. You can market as your main business, but it would be more effective to us alongside your primary biz op.

If you want to learn how to build your a business online with a blog then watch my 5-Step Blogging Cheatsheet.

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