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Paycation Reviews: Don’t Join Until You Read This

Hey, Tim here.

Before we dive into this Paycation Review, I want to make it clear that I am NOT affiliated with Paycation Travel (meaning I’m not promoting it).

I wrote this review of Paycation to give more information to my followers about the program and what it offers so they can decide if it’s for them.

So with that being said, let’s start with the obvious question:

What Is Paycation Travel?

Paycation Travel is a company that provides travel-related services and offers a home-based business opportunity to those who want to make money by referring the Paycation services.

Here’s a video that explains Paycation in greater detail.

There are 3 ways to get involved:

#1 Travel Club Member Independent Associate


#2 Referral Travel Consultant (RTC) $99.95


#3 Certified Travel Consultant (CTC) $149.95


Assessing the Paycation Scam

At this point, you’re probably wondering if Paycation is a scam.

Well, just like with any network marketing opportunity, it’s not for everyone.

You can Google search and find people making money with this business opportunity and you can find people who aren’t making money.

What’s the difference?

The ones who are making money probably took massive action and understood that it takes daily work and dedication.

They probably found a mentor to help them get results, too.

Meanwhile others probably thought they could make some quick money, or that it wouldn’t take a lot of effort to make money.

Sadly, they had unrealistic expectations and were disappointed.

Remember, this is a BUSINESS not a HOBBY or get rick quick scheme.

So, you really need to assess whether becoming a travel agent and promoting Paycation is something you really want to do, and if you’re willing to put in the daily effort to get results, even if it doesn’t happen right away.


Paycation Travel MLM Tips

If you’re going to be successful promoting this opportunity, then you have to master recruiting.

Bringing people into the Paycation business opportunity is one of the main ways you get paid.

You should have a strategy to expose a certain number of people everyday to this opportunity, which means you need a daily flow of new leads.

If you aren’t sure how to do that, then you can steal my formula.

Step #1: Start a blog

This is how you will brand yourself as an authority and build trust with prospects.

If you want to build your Paycation business then you should create an mlm blog with content about the company and common questions.

Things like, what is it, what are the products, how it works, include testimonials and video walkthroughs of the back-office, etc.

Once you write all those blog posts, you can direct prospects to them when they ask you questions.

This is a great way to position yourself as a leader, and will make your prospects feel more secure.

Step #2 Market Yourself

Get out there on social media and build your brand.

Share your blog posts, trading advice, and anything of value that will benefit your followers.

By doing this, you will attract the right people to YOU instead of chasing people around and trying to beg them to join.

It’s important to build YOUR brand and not build your entire business around one company.

If that company ever collapses or you decide to change businesses, your brand will remain intact and not sink with the company.

Step #3 Build Your Email List

Building an email list of targeted leads will be your biggest asset as an online marketer.

When you have a tribe of people who know, like, and trust you, they will buy your products and services for years to come.

If one day, you decide to move on from Paycation, then you will still have an email list of followers who will join your in your next business.

Creating an mlm email autoresponder is easy when you follow my tutorial.

Paycation Reviews Conclusion

So now you know what Paycation is, what it offers, and if it’s the right opportunity for you.

If you want to learn how to build your Paycation business with a blog then watch my 5-Step Blogging Cheatsheet training.

Thanks for reading my Paycation review.

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