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Paidverts Review: Don’t Join Until You Read This!


PaidVerts Review


Tim here with a PaidVerts review.

Excuse my bluntness, but this site is a joke.

Paidverts is an advertising platform that pays you to interact with advertisers.

In plain English, that means you copy and paste lines of text into boxes and get paid a few cents.

Yes, I said a FEW CENTS.

PaidVerts Scam


Look, I’m not one to call anything a scam, but your time will be better spent elsewhere.

This is NOT the right way to make money online. This is the fastest way to feeling frustrated about making money online and feeling jaded about the entire possibility of it.

Please don’t waste your time with this (but if you really want more info then check out their website)

Here’s my quick advice if you want to create prosperous wealth on the internet that you will feel happy about.

Step 1: Learn Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you sell someone else’s stuff in exchange for a commission.

Similar to those super-aggressive retail salesman who try and pressure you into buying because the store pays them a commission.

The only difference is that we do it on the internet, so you don’t need face-to-face conversations.

You can become an affiliate for so many different retail stores online (ex. Amazon and eBay).

Basically, you are given a unique link to promote, and whenever someone clicks on that link and buys that product, you will earn a commission.

You’re probably wonder, “But Tim, how do I get people to click on my link?”

Good question.

Step 2: Learn How to Generate Traffic

Most people think I blog for fun.

No, I blog because it brings me traffic.

Traffic is people that find my website. But not just any people, targeted people.

See you don’t want anybody and everybody finding your site.

For example, if you were selling coffee on your website, you wouldn’t want a bunch of tea-only buyers finding your site.

You want coffee buyers.

That is the trick. To get targeted buyers finding your website because then it makes the conversion much easier.

My blog caters to people interested in affiliate and network marketing, and they are the only ones who find it.

When they find it, they read my content, vibe with my story, opt-in to my email list, and buy from me because they trust me.

But blogging isn’t the only way to get traffic.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Forums, and paid advertising are just a few other examples.

The goal is to become a master at one before moving onto the next. I chose blogging because I like to write AND because it brings me traffic and leads 24/7 (the internet never sleeps).

Step 3: Pick a Product To Promote

You have to sell something in order to make money.

We aren’t dabbling in any copy and paste crap in exchange for cents, that is ridiculous.

You can find different types of affiliate products on places like Clickbank.

It’s important to pick a product that is relevant to your niche.

Some other side-pointers is that you want to pick a product that pays you high commissions.

No one wants to grind to make 200 sales @ $50 every month just to make a 6-figure income (I’m assuming your dreaming big here).

I would much rather make a few sales a month ranging from $1000-$5000 to get there.

Contrary to popular belief, it is NOT easier to sell low-commission products than high-commission products. Once again, it just comes to marketing the right product to the right person.

Step 4: Build Your Email List

Your email list of subscribers will become your biggest asset online.

That is literally how I am able to send out an email and “print” money.

It’s because I have created a value-filled blog with content that helps my target market succeed, and I have built quality relationships with the people on my email list.

They trust me because they know I have their best interest at heart, and I’m not out to scam them just to make a quick buck.

People want to buy from someone they like and trust, not a random stranger hiding behind a computer screen.

A real business owner knows the money is in the lifetime value of the customer. When you treat a customer right, they will buy from you again and again.

Most people just want to pop off a quick sale and they don’t care if the customer sticks around.


It’s a lot harder to acquire a new customer than it is to retain one.

The point is, when you build a targeted list of buyers that know, like, and trust you…then the possibilities are limitless.

Step 5: Continue to Give Value To Your Audience

The more you help your visitors, the more success you will have.

Focus on teaching them new things, answering their questions, solving their pains and problems, and guiding them in the right direction.

People will see you as the person who can help them reach their goals and you will have a prosperous, sustainable, and thriving business working from your laptop.

Thanks for reading my PaidVerts review.

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