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Organo Gold Review

Welcome to my Organo Gold Review.

There are thousands of reviews out there for Organo Gold, and they all talk about the products and whether or not it’s a scam.

Let’s kill the uncertainty right off the bat. Organo Gold is NOT a scam, and I will tell you why very soon.

In this Organo Gold review, I want to talk about how to market this business opportunity successfully so that you can see results because most people are not making money in this company.

Read this review to the end you will understand how to get the best results marketing Organo Gold coffee.


Organo Gold Scam

Organo Gold is a legitimate business that sells a legitimate product. In fact, it’s one of the largest network marketing company’s alive.

However, the reason why people call it a scam is because they lose a lot of time, money, and energy without seeing results.

When you join Organa Gold, they tell you to market your business using old-school methods such as:

  • Hosting home parties
  • Attending hotel meetings
  • Doing 3-way calls with your upline
  • Passing out DVDs/CDs/Magazines
  • Asking for referrals
  • etc.

I’m not bashing these methods. They still work to some degree, but they are old-school.

There is a better way that will get you more results without the added stress.

Learn internet marketing.

Organo Gold Review: How To Be Successful

We have this thing called the Internet, and it is the most abundant resource known to man.

In the past, you could only drive so far and talk to so many people in your warm market. Today, you are connected to a millions upon millions of people.

Network marketing is a tough gig. It has a low barrier to entry and not everyone is ready for the work ethic and persistence that is required to get started.

That is why the attrition rate is something like 60% after 6 months.

Not everyone has the entrepreneurial fire.

If you do, then I will tell you how to get the best results marketing Organo Gold, or any product for that matter.

You need marketing and advertising to generate leads. Leads are the life blood of your business, and you can leverage the internet to cast a bigger net.

Once you get setup and running, the internet allows you to run your business on autopilot.

You can have systems in place that work for you 24/7 because the internet doesn’t take a break.

How awesome would it be to generate leads and sales when you are eating, sleeping, or out living life?

What to Do Now

Take these next few steps and you can be up and running in no time.

Step 1: Start a Blog

A blog is your central hub. It is what drives your business online.

A blog is like a castle. Once you take the time to build it, it will stand the test of time and bring you leads on a regular basis.

That is what truly creates time freedom.

You can walk away, take a vacation, go to the movies, etc. and people will still find your blog and take time to learn about you and what it is that you’re doing.

Step 2: Perform Keyword Research

Getting your content and presentations in front of the right people is what will make or break you.

For example, if we were selling basketballs, it does us no good to market our product to baseball players.

It’s a waste of time getting our product in front of the wrong eyeballs.

We want to get TARGETED prospects that have a higher chance of converting into a lead and sale.

This comes down to creating content, blog posts, and videos that your hungry buyers is searching for.

Step 3: Marketing and Promoting

Once you create a piece of content that helps your target audience, you want to promote it and get it out there in front of as many people as possible.

This is done by sharing it across social media websites and building backlinks.

Once again, I share how to do these things in my free blog course.

Step 4: Getting People To Subscribe to Your Email Newsletter

Our goal is to get people to subscribe to our email newsletter so we can follow up with them.

Most people won’t buy right away unless they are impulse buyers.

It takes on average 7-14 follow ups before a lead converts into a sale.

That is why we have automated emails that follow up with our subscribers over the course of 1-2 weeks or more.

The best part is that these emails are automatically sent out for us. We just have to spend a few hours writing them up, which isn’t hard at all.

This is another internet system that works on autopilot.

Are you starting to see the power of internet marketing?

Step 5: Giving More Value

The final step to growing your Organo Gold business is to keep giving value to your potential customers.

It’s a wasteful to spend our time and effort building up our subscribers if we don’t continually follow up with them.

Share an insightful blog post or video with them. Let them in on some tips you just learned. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

When you keep adding value to people lives, they return the favor by buying from you.


If you follow those 5 steps then you will be on your way to starting a successful network marketing business online.

Obviously, those are just the basic steps and it goes deeper than that.

Focus on taking small steps daily instead of trying to piece the puzzle together in one day and overwhelming yourself.

Thanks for reading my Organo Gold Review.

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