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Norwex Reviews: Don’t Join Until You Read This!!


Norwex Reviews: What is Norwex?

Hey it’s Tim.

I’m going to write a short Norwex review for you. I see a lot of hype around this company, and if you’re looking for more info you’ll love what I have to say.

By the way, this review is NOT about the products like most other Norwex reviews. Instead, I will talk about becoming a Norwex distributor.

Really quickly if you don’t know what Norwex is.

It’s a company that sells cleaning products. What makes them unique is their cleaning products are more “green” and have less toxic chemicals.

Full Disclosure: I am NOT a distributor or customer of Norwex, so this is just my honest and unbiased opinion.


Look, there are tons of business opportunities out there selling cleaning products, just like Norwex.

In all of them, there are people making a lot of money, and others making no money.

The ones who are successful are branding themselves, and the ones who aren’t are just company cheerleaders.

Let me explain…

Norwex Review: What Most Distributors Don’t Understand

It doesn’t matter what company you join, what system you are using, or what product you are selling.

What matters is YOU and YOUR BRAND.

You have to build a tribe of people who know, like, and trust you. That is how you will be successful at selling these products and recruiting new reps into your business.

People want to follow people who inspire them and give them hope. Not some asshole who only cares for himself and making himself rich.

If you focus on helping other people first, you will get much better results.

So that begs the question, how do you create a brand and a loyal tribe of followers?

Step 1: You have to create a blog

Having a blog on the internet is a must.

It’s your home base online. It’s where you will have your about me page, and all other important information about you and your business.

You can post content (blog posts, videos, audios, etc.) on your blog, and you can share those pieces of content on your social media profiles to spread the reach and get more engagement.

You want to be driving people from all over back to your blog to check out your stuff.

Step 2: Capture Leads

Once people are on your blog, you want them to join your email newsletter so they can receive more updates from you.

You can accomplish this by giving away a free gift, like an ebook or video, in exchange for their email.

Step 3: Follow up with your subscribers

This is where most people lose focus.

The money is not in building a list of people and doing nothing with it, or just spamming them with offers, like your product.

Instead, you want to build a relationship based on trust. Treat your subscribers like real people (because they are) and NOT dollar signs.

You want to follow up with them almost every day, and mix up the type of email you send them.

It can be a link back to your new blog post or video, an inspirational story, a customer testimonial, or a blatant pitch to join your team.

Norwex Summary: Not a Scam

I saw some Norex scam accusations out there, so I just wanted to advise you to ignore those.

Those people are pointing the finger at the company instead of themselves (probably because they expected to get rich quick and were mad when they found out it actually takes hard work).

Obviously, I can teach you more about the process I outlined above but that’s a quick crash course.

If you want to learn how to build your Norwex business with a blog then watch my 5-Step Blogging Cheatsheet.

Thanks for reading my Norex review.

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