Network Marketing Success Tip: My Magic Closing Line

In This Video I Talk About:

  • How to close more reps into your network marketing business
  • How to sell more of your products and services
  • How to avoid wasting time with tire kickers who won’t take action

Do you want to recruit more people into your network marketing company without wasting time on tire kickers?

I’m going to share a little secret with you to do just that. Gimme a minute…

I remember when I first got started with internet and network marketing.

It was February 2014 and I didn’t know a god damn thing about anything. Seriously, I didn’t even know what network marketing was.

So in the beginning, I was told to post a lot on Facebook and write blog posts for my blog that talked about what I was doing. You could say I was “marketing” myself, but I didn’t really know what I was doing.

All I knew was that I was excited and I wanted people to ask me about it more than anything, so I could share my vision with them.

Have you ever felt that way?

Anyways, it was a struggle for the first few months. I didn’t make any sales, and I didn’t know how to get leads. I was messaging 50 people a day on Facebook and writing a few blog posts per week.

That’s how it started.

Whenever someone did inbox me or leave a comment on my blog asking for more info, I was ready to drop EVERYTHING and give them 100% of my time.

I would answer any question they asked, I would explain the compensation plan, I would talk about the products and why they were the best on the market…

…but I didn’t push them to make a buying decision.

So, after spending 15 minutes of my¬†precious time with them, the conversation ended with a “thanks” or a “I’ll think about it.”

Man, was I frustrated.

My Network Marketing Success Tip For Closing Prospects

It wasn’t until I invested in some sales training that I was able to get over the hump.

It was a training called “21 Amazing Word-for-Word Recruiting & Closing¬†Strategies” by Mark Hoverson.

These were the exact scripts he used to close $1,000+ sales without giving his time away to tire kickers and answering all their questions.

I giveaway one of these lines in the video above. It’s a line I use to close sales all the time whether it be on the phone, on Facebook messenger or in person.

I recorded this video for my coaching students inside of my private Facebook mastermind group.

I usually don’t share the videos I record in that group to the public, but I know this will help you save more time and make more money in your business.

I know you will have a massive breakthrough if you apply this little trick going forward.

Drop a comment below if you can’t wait to use this network marketing success tip..

  • Tim
  • August 5, 2015

Hey I'm Tim - this blog is about sharing the digital strategies I've used to create a 5-figure income online, so maybe you can do it too (if that's what you want) :) I also have an Australian Shepherd named after Slim Shady & I'm a huge fan of hockey. Shoot Me a Message on Facebook. I'll always reply back

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tareq - August 15, 2015

Wow I never know something like this site I well look into thanks.

Shawn Fette - August 15, 2015

Tremendous advice! Thank you for sharing! Very helpful!


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