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My Online Business Education Review: The Future of MOBE

My Online Business Education Review

Matt Lloyd, founder and creator of My Online Business Empire has made a HUGE announcement at the most recent Titanium Mastermind event held in the Bahamas.

My Online Business Empire, aka MOBE, was started in 2011. Matt described MOBE as being a teenager entering into adulthood, and he wants to evolve MOBE for the next few decades.

In his presentation, he stressed the common rise and fall of online businesses and how there is always a new flavor of the month.

The maturity of the business has grown, and Matt is ready to make some changes that will keep MOBE around for the long-term.

Let’s dive into each of those changes briefly.

CHANGE #1 –  A NEW NAMEMy-Online-Business-Education-Review

Matt Lloyd has changed the name of My Online Business Empire to My Online Business Education.

His goal for the company is to be THE online resource for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

The word ‘education’ has a cleaner name and appeals to a much wider niche audience.

Matt explained that along the way, MOBE got labeled a “business opportunity” in the make money online niche.

This was not his intention.

Although the make money online niche is a billion dollar niche, he wants to transition to the multi-billion dollar niche that is small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Here are the exciting numbers:

  • There are 28 million small businesses in the U.S. and over 22 million are self-employed with no additional payroll or employees (these are called nonemployers).
  • Over 78% of all U.S. businesses are nonemployer businesses.
  • Total revenues from nonemployer businesses are $989.6 billion in 2011.
  • Over 543,000 new businesses get started each month in the U.S. and they need the right training.


The vision of My Online Business Education is to become an education platform (aka an E-Learning platform).

More and more people are starting to take responsibility for their own education, and they are seeking out other avenues of traditional university.

They are going online and buying e-learning programs.

Forbes estimates that the online learning industry will be worth $107 billion by 2015.

This is apparent because more and more universities are offering online courses and online degrees.


Then there are online learning platforms like lynda.com and udemy.com.

The big weakness in these type of sites is that they don’t specialize in one topic. They offer training and education for dozens upon dozens of different industries.

There is massive growth happening here and My Online Business Education will be positioned as the go-to place for small business and entrepreneurship education.

MOBE is going to be solely for small business owners who are just starting out but they don’t know how to do something such as:

  • Facebook Pay Per Click
  • Email marketing
  • How to outsource effectively
  • Advertising, Finance, Branding
  • Business Law, Communication, Data and Analytics
  • Home Business, Search Engine Optimization, Real Estate, and Public Relations
  • and much much more

These products won’t just be from Matt Lloyd and MOBE, but products from other qualified professionals outside of MOBE.

This opens the door for more commissions for MOBE affiliates by selling other people’s courses.

All the commissions will be processed through the MOBE affiliate program and merchant account.

One location for thousands of different products you can earn commissions on!


You will have the ability to list and sell your own products on the MOBE marketplace where tens of thousands of MOBE affiliates can promote it.

How sweet is that?

Other people promote your product and you earn royalties.


Before the change, MOBE’s mission statement was:

Help people reach financial freedom using online affiliate marketing.

Matt admitted this mission statement didn’t inspire him. In fact, he had to look it up whenever someone asked him what the mission statement was.

The new mission statement looks like this:

Be the #1 Small Business Training Company in the World.

That is MUCH more powerful.

You might be asking, “why is it critical that we help small business owners and entrepreneurs succeed?”

Because business facilitates innovation.

Think of all the technological and medical advances over the past 150 years.

Now think about all the ones that never made it to the market.


Most innovators have great ideas but they don’t have the right knowledge and/or they are not applying the right knowledge.

My Online Business Education seeks to change that.


Live events are one of the best chances to move forward in life and business.

You spend a few days picking the brains of some of the best minds in the business.

Just one little tip from a more experienced marketer can lead to the next breakthrough in your business.


Starting next year there will be 1 live event held every 2 months at different locations near the United States and Australia.

There will be a particular focus to these events.

For example, one full event will be dedicated to traffic, another for conversions, another for outsourcing, etc.

Then other events will be dedicated to investing in the stock market, taxes, and other business related topics.

My Online Business Education Summary

This transition is exciting and will add tremendous value to the small business and entrepreneurial marketplace.

For more information about Matt Lloyd, MOBE, and My Top Tier Business then click here.

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