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Motor Club of America Review


I’m glad you asked because I made this Motor Club of America Scam review just for you. Before we dive into it, I want to be clear that I am NOT a member of MCA.

However, I felt inspired to write a truthful Motor Club of America scam review that was 100% unbiased and would help those searching for answers to their questions.

With that said, let’s blow through the smoke and address what this company is all about.

Motor Club of America Review: What Is It Exactly?

The Motor Club of America is a motorist assistance program that offers services to drivers in America and Canada.

At a basic level, you get services like battery boost, fuel delivery, tire change, lock-out-service, towing, and some additional benefits.

More on that later.

You have probably figured this out already, but these are services that anyone with a car can benefit from. I think we can all relate to blowing a tire on the highway or trying to stretch our gas tank when our fuel light is on only to have our car go cold with 5 miles left. Even worse, locking our keys in the car..

I did that once and I felt so stupid, but it happens.

What is Motor Club of America aka MCA? 

Is Motor Club of America a Scam or is it Legit?

If you do a Google search of MCA Scam you will notice a huge list of complaints and scam accusations. However, you have to keep in mind who these people are that are blaming Motor Club of America for being a scam.

A lot of people buy into this business opportunity with with wrong expectations and the wrong mentality. They probably saw a YouTube video or blog post of someone else flashing money and pictures of cars and claimed that you can make a lot of money with MCA.

However, the sad truth is that even the people doing this aren’t making money themselves.

They are just trying to recruit people into the business who only care about getting rich, so they are attracting the wrong type of person. To be successful in this business, it takes a lot of hard work, time, and effort.

Most people believe they can just put in a few hours or work here and there and make millions. Comon, is that realistic?

I do not believe MCA is a scam. These are services that drivers actually need, but sellers go about marketing the business the wrong way, and that is why people scream scam.

Motor Club of America BBB (Better Business Bureau) & RipoffReport

If you check the BBB and RipoffReport you will find it littered with scam accusations and complaints. I took a quick skim through these and they were mostly filed from people I described above.

Individual’s who thought they could make life-changing amount of money fast with little effort.

Here is a quick screenie.

Motor Club of America BBB

However, I encourage you to do your due diligence and research by browsing through those sites and gathering your own information before making a decision.

Summary: How to Market Motor Club of America the Right Way

Like I mentioned above, most people market MCA the wrong way by flashing stacks of money, fancy cars, and all of that non-sense. That doesn’t work. You might be able to recruit people that way, but they won’t last very long.

Most MCA sellers do not have any background experience in marketing or online marketing. You will see them try to sell MCA to their warm market (friends, family, acquaintances), but once they run out of people to pitch to then they are dead.

There is a much better way to market this opportunity, and that is with online marketing.

Tim Alwell

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