3-Steps To Master MLM Attraction Marketing

One of the reasons network marketers struggle with recruiting is because they haven’t been trained on mlm attraction marketing.

Attraction marketing is being able to allure the right customer to your business through your marketing and branding.

What Is MLM Attraction Marketing?

Let’s use this example:

Person A is bragging about his company’s awesome compensation plan all over his Facebook wall. He’s begging you to click his link to find out how to make money fast! He also has a cover photo of two flashy sports cars and money is falling from the sky.

He never really shares anything valuable. Maybe a funny cat meme picture or better yet, some whining about how bad his life is, but that you should still click his link.

Person B is using his Facebook page to share pictures and videos of his freedom lifestyle as an entrepreneur. He has pictures of his friends, family, and his travels. He shares all his recent blog posts and videos to help his audience get better at recruiting more reps, so they can live a lifestyle with more freedom.

He is answering questions on his wall and helping others selflessly, and without spamming his link.

People are thanking him and expressing their gratitude.

Who would you buy from / join?

That’s attraction marketing.

Here are the two main elements of attraction marketing.

1. Be Authentic:

This sounds cliché, but just be yourself.

There are too many marketers out there trying to be someone they’re not, and it comes off very obviously incongruent.

This is also a good way to recruit someone into your business who won’t be a good match.

When I first started blogging and recording videos, I wanted to be all proper and perfect. I would restart the video even if I slipped up just a little bit.

It sucked and I got poor results.

After I relaxed and started typing like I would speak to a close friend, and not starting my videos over, my content started to flow better and my followers were more responsive.

The next thing to do is to master telling your story. Every one has a unique and interesting backstory that will resonate with other people.

I fell into depression a few years back because I felt completely stuck in life: I couldn’t stick a job for more than a few months because I hated them all, I was broke and living at home, and I was comparing myself to others who were having success in the corporate world.

Maybe you had to overcome some big personal challenge or tragic situation. Share it and let people see the real you behind curtains.

It’s WAY more powerful that way and you will watch your business explode.

People will want to work with people they know, like, and trust. NOT fakes.

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2. Give Value

My business started to grow the moment I shifted my focus from helping myself to helping others.

When you give freely and give often, people feel inclined to return the favor. This could obviously be in the form of a new team member or purchase.

There is a saying, “the marketer with the most value wins,” and it’s true.

Giving value can come in many different forms:

  • a blog post
  • a video
  • a Facebook status
  • responding to someones question on a forum
  • writing an email to your list
  • a webinar
  • an ebook

and so on.

Look at any leader that you look up to. I bet they are probably sharing valuable information, tips, and tricks regularly on their marketing channels.

This is the same approach you should take.

If you continue to give value on a consistent basis then when you do make a sales pitch, people will be flocking to sign up because of your mlm attraction marketing skills.

3-steps To Master MLM Attraction Marketing

Here are the 3 steps you can take today to begin mastering MLM attraction marketing:

1. Learn

Go out and learn from books, podcasts, videos, blog posts, webinars, etc.

Every single day you should be learning something new that you can eventually teach back to your team.

2. Do

Most people never apply the advice they read in books or listen to on podcasts.

You actually have to DO the action you learned about if you want to teach it back to your team so they can get better results.

Do it until you are competent at that skill.

3. Teach

The last step is to teach it back to your team or your followers.

If you are consistent with this cycle then you will be adding massive amounts of value to the marketplace, and people will want to work with you. Then you can teach them how to duplicate your mlm attraction marketing skills for even greater success.

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