Making Money Online: Why You Need to Marry the Process & Divorce the Outcome

It doesn’t matter what skill set you are trying to learn, if you focus too much on the outcome and not enough on the process then you are going to feel frustrated and miserable!

Whether it’s quilting, cooking, affiliate marketing, mlm, fitness, marathon training…ANYTHING!

If you constantly feel like putting in the work is a chore, then you are setting yourself up to fall hard.

Instead, look at it as an adventure. Every little thing you do is a success, and you should feel HAPPY about it.

Every time I write a new blog post, I feel GREAT. Whenever I get a new lead, it’s AWESOME. If I send out an email to my list, I pat myself on the back.

And let me tell you, I’ve written TONS of blog posts, I get TONS of new leads everyday, and I consistently email my list several times a week, but I make sure to give myself kudos no matter what.

Don’t numb yourself to these victories, even if it feels like a small win. When I first got started, getting 1 new lead had me jumping up and down, but over time, it’s easy to lose satisfaction of getting just one new lead.

Instead, you need 10 new leads a day to feel satisfied. Then it becomes 20, 30, and so on.

This is a dangerous path to go down because then you will NEVER, EVER feel happy with the results you’re getting.

Thus, you have to marry the process, and divorce the outcome.

Reflect and appreciate how far you’ve come.

Here’s a short video I shot that goes a little more in-depth on this topic. It is worth your time to take a listen.

Think about legendary professional athletes like Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods. They put in crazy amounts of repetition, shooting free throws and hitting golf balls all day, every day.

They understood that if they wanted to be the best then had to work for it, but they enjoyed it!

The same goes for building your online business. You have to put in the repetitions and congratulate yourself when you make any kind of progress.

That’s why I believe it’s soo important to align yourself with other inspired individuals who are on the same path.

Building an online business can be lonely sometimes, but not if you have a support group that keeps your energy high and your focus laser-targeted.

  • Tim
  • January 5, 2015

Hey I'm Tim - this blog is about sharing the digital strategies I've used to create a 5-figure income online, so maybe you can do it too (if that's what you want) :) I also have an Australian Shepherd named after Slim Shady & I'm a huge fan of hockey. Shoot Me a Message on Facebook. I'll always reply back

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