Long Tail Pro Review: How I Dominate Keyword Research

When I am blogging or creating content for YouTube, I am able to drive free, laser-targeted traffic to my pages and videos from people who have their credit card in hand ready to buy.

I can do this because I know exactly how to target a specific pocket of people, and I know what they are searching for in Google.

These people come to my site wanting to buy.

I have mastered the secret to finding buyer keywords that are both profitable and easier to rank for, and then I position my blog so that it scoops up all that traffic.

This is where most marketers fail. They have no idea how to generate traffic to their site. Thus they never generate leads or make sales.

Pushing traffic to your website or blog is so much easier to accomplish when you know exactly how profitable and competitive a particular keyword is, which is the secret that I am going to share.

If you don’t get your keyword research right in the beginning then you are wasting time, effort, and money. Thus my goal with this long tail pro review is to show you exactly how to get it right.

Long Tail Pro Review – Rank and Bank

One big mistake I see beginners making when starting off with internet or online marketing is not knowing which keywords to build their content around.

Instead, they try to rank for informational keywords that won’t bring buyer traffic or they try to rank for a difficult term that is far too competitive.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

What is Long Tail Pro?

Long Tail Pro is a keyword research tool that helps find profitable buyer keywords fast with low competition that we can build content around.

Aka you will be able to make money faster, more often, and will a smaller chance of failure.

You might have heard of other keyword research tools like Market Samurai or SECockput, but Long Tail Pro is the most effective and simplest to use for the price that you pay (which is nothing).

How to use Long Tail Pro: My 7-Step Formula

Step 1: The first step we are going to take is to create a campaign.

Long Tail Pro Review

Step 2: Input a list of root keywords that Long Tail Pro will dig deeper with and find long tail search phrases.

*tip* I like to use the “Include” filter to get laser-targeted with my search. Now the results will only return searches with the words “long tail pro” or “longtail pro” in them.

I click generate keywords when I am done.

LTP Step 2

Step 4: I scroll through looking at the keywords and search volume. I click the “Avg KC,” or keyword competitiveness, button that will populate a value showing me how competitive that keyword is. This gives me a rough estimate on how long it will take to rank for that keyword.

Avg KC goes on a scale of 0-100. The closer the 0 the better. 100 is juggernaut status (sites that have super high authority like Facebook).

I assign these rough estimates to searches.

  • 0-10: No competition
  • 10-20: Extremely low competition
  • 20-30: Low competition
  • 30-40: Moderate competition
  • 40-50: Somewhat high competition
  • 50-60: Very high competition
  • 60-70: Extremely high competition
  • 70-100: Don’t even think about it.

I wouldn’t suggest going after keywords higher than 35 if you are just starting out and don’t have an existing site with some authority.

Are you starting to see how you can dominate keyword research…

LTP Step4


Step 5: I sort my most profitable ones to the top and add them to my favorites list, which you can export and download into a spreadsheet if you want.

LTP Step 5

Step 6: I click the competitor analysis tool which brings up a detailed look at the top 10 search results in Google (aka my competition), and I gather information about their website SEO and back link portfolio.

Now I have a good idea what I have to do to outrank these guys.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand this page. When you signup for Long Tail Pro they have trainings that explains it all.

LTP Step6


Step 7: I start building my content and ranking for these keywords.

Cha-ching 🙂

 Long Tail Pro Products

Obviously, long tail pro is awesome and easy to use, and it is something you should definitely pick up if you are serious about online marketing.

There are two different levels:

  1. Long Tail Pro Software Basic: Costs$97 one-time fee for lifetime use + free upgrades.
  2. Long Tail Platinum: $17 a month (after purchasing the basic software). This includes the Avg. KC calculator and some additional metrics.

By itself, Long Tail Pro basic will massively improve your keyword research. However, if you really want to dominate your niche then you want to get the platinum version for the Average Keyword Competitiveness feature. That is going to move you towards a 6-figure earner much faster.

Head over to Long Tail Pro FAQ for answers to common questions.

The Bottom Line

If you are dedicated to becoming a top earner and ranking your content to bring in traffic, leads, and sales then I hope this long tail pro review showed you that it’s worth it.

You will be on your way to ranking and banking with your blog posts and videos.

So do yourself a favor and grab your copy of Long Tail Pro here so you can make your competition cry.

  • Tim
  • June 3, 2014

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