Information Overload: The Kryptonite for Internet Marketers

Although sad, it makes me laugh. Then it makes me want to headbutt the nearest wall.

A huge crutch I see newbie network marketers make is falling victim to the belief that they need to know everything before they can get results.


Information Overload

I don’t know where this belief is coming from. Maybe fear of failure or the fear of feeling inadequate, but whatever it is, we have to break free from that limiting belief.

First of all, you will NEVER know everything. Things are always evolving, changing, and adapting to the demands of the market and to new technologies. If you wait to take action until you grasp every nook and cranny of a subject then you will wilt and die before seeing success.

So in this post, we are going to step into the ring with Information Overload and beat its ass.

We’re going to address why this happens and what we can do to overcome it.

Readyyyy go!

Why Internet Marketers Suffer from Information Overload

Everyone can relate to information overload or analysis by paralysis.

Wikipedia defines analysis by paralysis as an anti-pattern, the state of over-analyzing (or over-thinking) a situation so that a decision or action is never taken, in effect paralyzing the outcome.

This used to happen to me back in college when I was studying dating advice. I would go through books, CDs, audios, videos, and the whole 9 yards. I was at a point where I could visually run through an entire conversation with a girl at the bar in my head.

The problem?

When I went to the bar, none of it stuck because it was ALL theory and NO practical application.

Sounds like getting a college education, doesn’t it. No wonder why the majority of graduates come out of college feeling like they learned nothing.

Same concept applies for Internet Marketers. There is always going to be a new HOT social media info product, SEO training course, super secret traffic generation strategies, etc.

Sometimes you stumbleupon one blog article and it’s SO good that you want to implement what you learned, but then you see a hyperlink for another blog post that peaks your interest.

All of a sudden you have spent all of your time jumping from 5-10 blog posts, but not applying anything you learned.

Guess what happens next? You forget those golden nuggets because you didn’t put those skills into practice.

The trick is to not get stuck in this vicious cycle, and here are some tips.

Tip #1: The 3:1 Ratio

Most people are WAY out of balance when it comes to learning and applying. The trick is to have a guideline for how many hours to spend digesting information and how many hours to spend applying that information.

I found a great benchmark for me is to spend 3 hours applying for every 1 hour of learning. This is similar to “chunking.”

We break up chunks of information and apply it gradually over time to get the full effects.

Tip #2: Taking Notes

A HUGE mistake that I used to make was not taking notes. The result was me running and gunning through training video after training video after training video.

It was a lazy habit and none of  the information stuck.

I also got frustrated about having to re-watch those videos because I forgot certain bits of value.

What solved this problem for me?

Taking notes.

When you write down what you learn, not only do you retain the information better, but there is less chance of “chain smoking” videos because taking notes takes time away from watching multiple videos.

This is what it my notes look like when I watch a 1 hour training video.

taking notes

Tip #3: Take Imperfect Action

Have you ever had trouble sleeping at night because your brain wouldn’t stop racing over all the information you downloaded recently?

Me too.

The reason why this happens is because you are OVERTHINKING it.

You are planning for steps B, C, and D before you reach step A.

The only action is imperfect action. You will not get everything right the first time, so remove the worry now and just do it.

The quicker you learn to do instead of to think, the better results you will have.

Don’t strive for perfection, strive for progress.

It’s okay to make mistakes in the beginning as long as your take corrective action to fix them. This happened to me when I first started with network and internet marketing.

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Christy Slocum - July 28, 2014

Great blog! I have run into that walk because I am unconventional and do things against tradition. These will help me refocus.


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