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Infinity 2 Global Review: Don’t Join Before Reading This First


Welcome to my Infinity 2 Global review.

In this post you will get answers to:

  • What is Infinity 2 Global?
  • Is it a scam?
  • How to market Infinity 2 Global the right way?

I am not a distributor of Infinity 2 Global, so I’m not going to sell you anything but facts.

Let’s get started.

Infinity 2 Global Review: What Is It?

Infinity 2 Global (I2G) is an online casino and entertainment multilevel marketing company that operates virtually in 200 different countries.

They also participate in mobile phone applications and a social media management tool suite called I2G Touch.

The company was founded by Rick Maike, who has over 25 years of experience in the network marketing industry.

Infinity 2 Global users can choose from a variety of games including black back, roulette, baccarat, slot machines, and many more.

Infinity 2 Global also has an optional business opportunity for partners to participate in revenue sharing of the company (similar to owning stock share).

So let’s talk about that.

Infinity 2 Global Scam: Is the Business Opportunity Legit?

You have the opportunity to become an Independent Business Owner (IBO) with Infinity 2 Global.

The basic membership is $19.95 per year and gets you the I2G Touch mobile application subscription.

In order to earn commissions, you must purchase at least one of their products that range from $100 – $5,000 plus monthly membership fees.

Infinity 2 Global IBO’s are paid on sales and volume, so you have to hustle and make sales if you want to earn a big-time income.

The opportunity itself isn’t a scam.

The majority of people don’t get results in network marketing and mlm and thus they call it a scam because they had a poor work ethic and unrealistic expectations about how much money they could make and how fast.

Another reason why people call Infinity 2 Global and other mlm businesses a scam is because they lacked the proper training to be successful.

If you are serious about joining Infinity 2 Global or any network marketing business then you want to have a mentor who can teach you how to be successful.

Otherwise you will waste your time and money trying to figure it out on your own.

Don’t worry, I’m here to help you succeed.
That’s why I created a free internet marketing and blogging crash course to help you find qualified leads and convert them into sales.

How to Market Infinity 2 Global the Right Way

Most IBO’s market to their friends, family, and local business owners.

This is not the best approach because you are talking to people who likely care little about mlm and network marketing.

Therefore, you are trying to convince people to join your business.

Not to forget that you will eventually run out of people to talk to in your warm market.

There is a much better way to market Infinity 2 Global…
… on the internet.

When you learn how to market your business online then you can market to pre-qualified leads, or people who have already shown interest in your business.

This improves conversion rates because you are talking to prospects with more potential to join you.

SO how do you get started online?

I’m glad you asked..

Step #1 – Create a blog

A blog is the central hub for all of your online marketing efforts.

It’s how you provide solutions to people’s problems, get found in the search engines, and establish yourself as a leader.

A blog is necessary if you want to start a business online.

Here’s a step by step tutorial.

Step #2 – Do Keyword Research and Create Content

Most people mistakenly blog about anything and everything.

A smart marketer will research what his target audience is typing into the search engines.
He will identify their pains, problems, wants, needs, and desires.

Then he will create content that caters to those searches.

Don’t worry, this is not technical at all and it’s something I show you in my free blogging course.

Step #3 – Learn Search Engine Optimization

The smart marketer knows that he can’t just create a post and expect millions of people to find it.

You have to learn the basics of SEO (not hard) and rank your content higher up in the search engines where people will find it.

No one look at Page 10 of Google. They are clicking on the results found on page 1, so it’s your goal to get there.

You can also promote and market your content across social media to get more exposure.

Step #4 Build an Email List

You want your visitors to subscribe to your email newsletter so that you can follow up with them through email at a later date.

If you don’t capture email addresses then you are missing out on potential customers.

It usually takes 7 or more follow ups to convert a lead into a sale, so capture that email .

Step #5 Create an Auto responder

An auto responder sends out emails automatically to new subscribers.

This allows your business to run automatically even when you’re not there.

Fill your auto responder with valuable tips and tricks, testimonials, stories, and pitches.

The purpose of your auto responder is to create a better relationship with your subscribers and ultimately get them to buy your products or join you in your business.

I2G Summary

If you are going to join Infinity 2 Global then you will want to learn internet marketing.

If you want to learn how to build your I2G business with a blog then watch my 5-Step Blogging Cheatsheet.

Thanks for reading my Infinity 2 Global review. I hope it served you well.

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