How to Kill Perfectionism (aka Procrastination)


It sounds amazing doesn’t it?

The concept of being perfect means everything works out exactly how you want it to. No battles, bruises or scars. Just smooth sailing.

That’s the ideal scenario.

But what is “trying to be perfect” really doing to you?

It’s holding you back.
It’s letting resistance and fear take control over you.
It’s preventing you from stepping outside of your comfort zone and going for what you deserve!

Perfectionism Is Procrastination

You are anxiously attempting to “know it all” before getting started because you’re afraid of taking a risk and failing or you’re afraid taking and risk and succeeding, and not knowing how to maintain the success.

Thus you surrender to the bubble of comfort that has made you feel safe and secure for ages. Nothing bad ever happens, but nothing great ever happens either.

It’s the same old song and dance, day after day.

That’s SO boring, though.

Deep inside, I know you can feel the churning of your dreams and ambitions waiting to be unleashed upon the Universe.

You can see yourself triumphantly standing on top of your comfort bubble and laughing in spite of it.

Taking a huge risk and feeling the rush of adrenaline fire through your body because it’s something new, something exciting!

That’s how life was meant to be lived. Adventuring and experimenting. Never settling for less than what you deserve.

How to Kill Perfectionism

Everyone struggles with perfectionism to some degree, but the heros who act in spite of it do the following:

1. The Hero Adopts a ‘Do It Now’ Attitude On Life

The hero (who stabs perfectionism through the heart) lives with the supremacy of speed. He has a ‘do it now, do it now, do it now‘ attitude.

He doesn’t wait for what he wants. He doesn’t wait for life to happen to him. If he wants something, he goes after it.

He takes conscious, decisive actions and doesn’t look back. He doesn’t do tomorrow what he can do today.

He understands that everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, but he will get more accomplished than 97% of people.

Have you ever had a thought go through your head that sounds something like this, “Gosh, I really need to do XYZ today, but…I’ll just get to it tomorrow/this weekend/later.”

In that moment, the hero will slay the inner critic telling him to put things off, meanwhile, the lazy will be slain.

YOU can decide who you want to be.

You can do what you have always done and get what you have always gotten, or you can take new actions that will create new outcomes.

2. The Hero Enjoys The Process Of Life & It’s Challenges

The hero doesn’t get discouraged about starting something new, rather he gets excited.

He recognizes it as an opportunity to grow as a person. It’s one more step closer to reaching self-actualization.

No, he doesn’t know everything about the subject he is taking on, but he repeats his mantra and retains his optimism and confidence: “I can handle it.”

The Hero looks at the long-term gain. The Lazy look at the short-term gain.

The Hero asks himself, “Where can I take this in the next year/2-years/5-years?”

The Lazy expects gratification within days/weeks/months.

You have to remove yourself from short-term gratification and focus on the long-term process and reward.

That is a key to success with anything, especially online marketing, blogging, mlm, etc.

3. The Hero Sees Everything As Progress / A win

Hero’s pat themselves on the back and reward themselves, even for small victories.

They understand taking 2 steps forwards and 1 step back is the gradual formula for success.

Where most would see failure, the hero sees an opportunity to get better.

Where most are hoping to hit the big home run, the hero is hitting singles and doubles.

Taking small steps consistently is the roadmap to success. Everyday you have the SHOW UP.

And when you do show up, congratulate yourself, even if you only put in 20 minutes of focused, hard work.

Even if you only wrote half a blog post when your intention was to write a full blog post.

Obviously, you don’t want to make a habit of always coming up short, but you understand the point.

Start celebrating more and criticizing yourself less.

Perfectionism is something that I struggled with when I first got started with internet marketing.

I hold myself to high standards, and I was my own biggest critic. For example, I wanted to get EVERYTHING right before I started blogging.

That’s why weeks went by and all I had to show for it was piles of notes.

That’s why I created my free bootcamp training course, to break down blogging into simple and ACTIONABLE steps that will get you started TODAY on the right track.

Take action in spite of perfectionism. You’ll feel good about it.

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  • February 4, 2015

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