7 Habits of Highly Effective Leaders

The title says Internet Marketing leaders, but these habits apply to any leader.

The world needs more leaders, there are far too few.

People have become afraid to voice their opinion, take action on what they believe in, and to follow through with their vision.

So, in this post I outline 7 habits that the best leaders take ownership of so that you can take a giant step forward to becoming the leader you were born to be.

#1 They Are Self Starters

To be a self starter is to do things because it’s your calling. It is part of your mission and you are self-motivated enough to guide yourself.

You are driven by some super-powered internal warp-drive, and the battery never dies.

There are far too few leaders in the world.


Because it takes courage to be a self-starter. You’re walking an unconventional path and it’s likely filled with ridicule, criticism, and lack of support.

External battles and internal battles happen in tandem, but leaders treat fear, worry, doubt, and uncertainty like bugs smashing the windshield. They just keep driving forward.

#2 They Have a Sense of Purpose

Without a sense of purpose it’s hard to get going in the morning.

I experienced this at most of my regular jobs after graduation. I would wake up every morning convincing myself that it was a good fit, but it wasn’t and I felt it.

Now I can hardly go to sleep because I am so excited about what I do. I’m so eager to get going in the morning that waking up can’t come soon enough.

What changed?

I defined what I really wanted  from life and I followed a map that could get me there. Not just any map, but one that made it exciting and fun for me.

What do you want from life and why? Your why is what will stick in your mind when you face adversity and struggle.

If you haven’t found that map yet then plug into your why and constantly refine it. The fewer words you use the more refined your why is.

Your why is what gets you past the challenging times (and there will be challenging times I promise).

#3 They Don’t Make Excuses, They Find Answers

True leaders know they will have an answer bigger than their excuse.

True leaders take massive, purposeful, yet imperfect action. Accept that things won’t always be perfect or work out the first time, but be certain that you will continue to work harder and be better.

It’s easy to go into a place of pity, self-defense, and anger when things aren’t going your way.

But that place where you go where there is zero excuses. That is where the real results happen.

#4 They Are Coachable

The Key to Living the Law of Attraction is one of my favorite books, and in the first paragraph of that book it says, “when the student is ready the teach will appear.”

Being coachable is a recognition that you don’t know it all and you need a mentor who will help teach you.

It says that you are willing to learn and you are putting away your own sense of pride or ego.

Unfortunately, most people get in their own way of seeing results because they think they know better or are too stubborn not to come up with something new.


Don’t be one of them.

#5 They Communicate Their Vision

A leader has a vision so strong that it rallies people behind him. Think of Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, and Gandhi.

Your vision is your big picture of how things ought to be, and it resonates with other people in such a way that it creates hope, excitement, and inspiration.

You have to have a vision that is far greater than yourself, and you have to communicate it in a way that people will follow and take ownership of.

You need to be willing to communicate your vision and do it often. Most people hide their voice because they are afraid of what others think.

Be clear on your vision and be willing to communicate it.

#6 They Are Courageous

It takes a tremendous amount of courage to take a stand, to put yourself out there, and to communicate your vision.

Our inner critic is always whispering fear and doubt in our minds.

“What will everyone think of me if I fail?”
“What if it doesn’t work out like I hope?”

It’s time to exorcise this demon.

Let go, love yourself, believe in yourself and in your vision.

There is a huge gap right now. Life is taking applications for leaders. There are job openings left and right.

But the blunt truth is that before you can lead anyone else you have to lead yourself.

#7 They Are Humble

Our culture has become to ego-driven and self obsessed that the word humility has started to go away.

Leaders are not afraid to promote themselves, their mission, or their product/brand, but they come from a place of purpose when they do it.

When you come from a place of humility, you recognize and accept that do not know it all,  you are not the best at everything, and you realize that success and victory happen with teamwork.

Be okay that you are not the smartest person in the room. Be okay not being in control of everything.

Humbly give up control to those who are smarter than you and better than you, and watch success manifest.

The Bottom Line

Sit down and craft out your vision for what you believe life should look like.

Then take the 7 habits outlines above and go do it.

Become the leader you were born to be.

Be the change that you want to see in this world, and I promise you will create a loyal following.

Tim Alwell

  • Tim
  • September 15, 2014

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