Day 2 – How Money Is Made Online

Before we get into the how-to’s of getting people (traffic) to your products and services and generating leads and sales for your business, you need to understand the flow of how money is made online.

Otherwise you will be throwing money at the wall and hoping something sticks, which will waste a ton of time and money.

So watch the video below so you can understand how and why money is made online.

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Greg - July 28, 2015

This video is filled with some great information. Tim, you sound like you have been around the Internet block a few times and have truly learned the ropes. it is great to be following you on Facebook and your blog.

    Tim - July 28, 2015

    Hey Greg,

    Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad you are getting value from all the content I put out there.

    I haven’t been around for too long, I just implement and take action on what I learn like crazy because I want a better lifestyle for myself and my family.
    I don’t like to waste time 🙂


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