How To Sell Your High Ticket Affiliate Programs

Hey guys (and gals),

Let’s talk high ticket affiliate programs.

I don’t have a huge list of 65 different programs that you can choose from, so if that’s what you’re looking for, head to NicheHacks blog.

And I’m not going to pitch you mine (yet) 😉

I want you to be able to SELL whatever high paying affiliate programs you decide on — whether it’s luxury travel, gold investing or water.

After-all, if you can’t get other people interested in your awesome new opportunity, you’ll feel frustrated.

So here’s how to market AND sell your high ticket offer with more ease, speed, and pleasure.

But first..

Do You Have an Email List?

I hope you said yes.

If not, then read this post ASAP.

Because you’re going to be promoting your affiliate program to your email list.

No list = no moolah.

– OKAY –

So here’s what you need to know about selling high ticket affiliate offers..

Marketing Your High Paying Affiliate Program

The #1 problem marketers face is not having enough leads.

You, too?

There’s two ways to get leads.

#1 – Free Marketing:

My favorites are blogging, Instagram, and YouTube.

Pick one and master it. Then add in a second marketing channel.

I get between 5-10 new leads per day combining these three strategies.

BUT – these are free methods so it takes longer to get results (about 6 months of taking consistent action is a reasonable timeline).

#2 – Paid Marketing:

This requires seed money, but you can scale a lot faster.

You can start with Facebook Ads for just $5 per day and generate 1-2 leads if your write your ad well.

Here’s an ad that promoted my new blog post: I spent $32.78 and reached 7,001 people.


I’ve also had ads that completely bombed. It just takes practice.

Writing a high-converting ad comes down to two things:

#1 – copywriting skills

#2 – knowing your audience.

Generally, I have to tweak my ads a few times before I get it right.

Selling Your High Ticket Affiliate Program

Once you get the leads, how do you close the deal?

I use three things: a webinar, an application and a phone call.

Let me explain..

#1 – Webinars

There are two types of webinars you can run: live and automated.

Live webinars are real-time.

The benefit is that it’s easier to sell on them. The live energy of the presentation generates buyers buzz.

I’ve bought tons of crap on webinars, haven’t you?

The downside is that they’re hard to scale.

Running a high-energy selling webinar daily, or multiple times a day can zap your energy and lead to burn out.

Automated webinars can run at all times of the day, which frees up your time and saves you a lot of energy.

The only downside is that it’s not truly live, just a recorded version of the live webinar.

Once someone registers, I have 3-4 email follow ups that drive them back to the webinar because not everyone completes it the first time.

Here’s a fancy drawing to illustrate my point:



#2 – An Application

Applications require positive investment from your lead.

A serious applicant will put effort into filling it out and will express how excited they are to get started with you.

An unserious applicant will have lazy answers, and you don’t need to waste your time calling those leads.

This is a powerful frame for doing business- you are the buyer and they are the seller.

I copied this strategy for my low-ticket affiliate marketing sales funnel, too.

Extra tip: Ask for their credit score if you offer financing.

Extra tip #2: Ask if they have the necessary funds to get started.

#3 – A Phone Call

Generally, products priced over $997 are best sold on the phone.

Consider this football analogy..

Your lead will be on the 1-yard line, and they just need a little more quarterbacking from you to step into the end-zone for a touchdown.

So get on the phone, answer any last questions, make them feel comfortable, and lead them past the sale.

Don’t hang up the phone until the transaction is complete.

Summary – High Ticket Affiliate Programs 2017

My friends and I are making sales with our high ticket affiliate programs using the tactics above.

But we’ve been internet marketers for years, and we’ve invested thousands of hours learning the hard skills to pull this off.

I don’t sugarcoat things. It takes skills to market and sell products online.

And if you’re new, just take it in small steps and you’ll get there.

But if you want help so you can speed things up a bit, plus a community to run with..

Check out what I’ve been using.

It’s an exclusive internet marketing training platform called Invisible Empire that pays $1,000 commissions.

It’s one of the only affiliate programs out there I feel great about promoting.

Plus it comes with online marketing training so you can learn the marketing chops to become an affiliate superstar.

Still interested?

Then sit back, relax and tune into this webinar that explains it all.

– Tim

  • Tim
  • February 22, 2017

Hey I'm Tim - this blog is about sharing the digital strategies I've used to create a 5-figure income online, so maybe you can do it too (if that's what you want) :) I also have an Australian Shepherd named after Slim Shady & I'm a huge fan of hockey. Shoot Me a Message on Facebook. I'll always reply back

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Chuck Holmes - July 18, 2015

This is without a doubt my biggest mistake through the past 5+ years of blogging. I’ve always promoted lower cost items, even my own information products. Even though I sell a large volume of products the income isn’t anywhere near what it could be if I sold high ticket items. The problem I’ve found is that I can’t find any high ticket items that I could sign my name too. I haven’t found any that are really good quality that I can stand behind. I’ve raised the prices of some of my own products and that has helped a lot, but I haven’t found any good products in the $500 to $5k range that I can stand behind.

    Tim - July 19, 2015

    I made the same mistake my first 4-5 months in network marketing and internet marketing.

    The reason I chose my top tier business was because of my mentor. I had been following him for months and finally I decided I wanted to pull the trigger and work with him. Although MTTB converts really well, it’s just the vehicle we use. The business principles, transparency, and value we give to the marketplace is what really grows our brand and gets people to follow and buy from us.

fernando - January 13, 2016

I’m just starting my journey online and I want to free myself of the 9 to 5 job I have.Are there any other high paying ticket sales beside mttb? One that has a low monthly or maintenance fee. thanks

Giovano - March 12, 2017

Great tips, congratulations, I wish you great success!

Hopeton (the moneyguru) - March 15, 2017

Love your tips, high ticket sales is how i make most of my money nowadays.

    Tim - March 16, 2017

    Thanks Hopeton,

    It wasn’t until I switched from low ticket to high ticket that everything changed for me.

      Neil - April 16, 2017

      Hi Tim,

      Do you sell your own product or someone elses?

        Tim - April 17, 2017

        Hi Neil,

        I do both.

        I sell a mix of different low-ticket affiliate products like hosting (Hostgator), sales page builder software (ClickFunnels), & email autoresponder software (Aweber).

        I also have higher ticket affiliate programs that are actual marketing training, and the travel membership I referenced in this post.

        Lastly, I sell some of my own products –> info products, paid webinars, coaching and consulting, and a paid membership site.

        Here’s my take on it:

        You want to offer both affiliate products and your own products. Your own products will give you higher profit margins and brand you as an expert.

        But if you’re brand new, start out selling affiliate products while you learn the skills to create your own products.

        Hope that helps!


Bishal Kharel - May 15, 2017

Thanks for the great tips.It helps me alot.
I was just thinking a way to selling the program and this tips helped me alot

Julia Monica - May 16, 2017

Hii Tim.. How do you get money from blogging? do you get money from ads (blogging) or you sell product from your blog???

    Tim - May 16, 2017

    Hi Julia,

    I make all my money from selling products and services to my email list.

    My #1 goal with blogging is to build my email list. In order to do that, I have to provide great content that helps my audience, and once I show them I have value, the next logical step for them to get more value is to subscribe to my email newsletter and get my freebie offer in exchange (ex. a free ebook, pdf report, video, training, webinar, etc).

    Notice I have calls-to-action in my blog posts, and clickable images for people to subscribe.

    Once they are on my email list, I can follow up with them, build the relationship and sell my products and services.
    None of the actual selling happens on my blog. When people find my blog, it’s usually the first time they are coming across me so there isn’t a strong enough relationship for them buy right away. (hint: it usually takes 7+ follow ups before someone will buy, so it is critical to capture their email so you can give yourself the chance to follow up)

    With email follow up, I can send them back to blog posts or new blog posts, to my youtube videos, and I can write emails that send people to my sales pages / checkout pages.

    But it all starts with building the email list.

    Hopefully that answers your question!

    – Tim

Madhav - June 16, 2017

Very good article Tim.
Thanks for sharing it with us.
This will help me a lot as I want to start my Affiliate marketing on my site

Ratundia - June 18, 2017

Hi Tim,

I want to learn to join a high ticket program, but I thought it would be better if I researched how to promote these types of programs first before actually joining one and failing because I don’t know how to promote the program. I don’t have a list, website or blog and I don’t know how to market or promote products. Could you give me some much needed advice to get me started??

    Tim - June 19, 2017

    Hi Ratundia,

    Thanks for commenting. Yes, all the questions you have will be answered in a free webinar that my partners and I created. You can register and watch that free webinar by going here: https://timslifestylesecrets.com

    You should be 100% clear on what you need to do to sell high ticket after watching that full training. Go ahead and get back to me after you watch that video. Talk then.



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