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Herbalife Review

If you found this Herbalife review then you are here for one of two reasons:

1.) You want more information about Herbalife products.


2.) You want more information about the Herbalife distributorship opportunity.

If you want more information about their products then head to the Herbalife website.

Keep reading if you are interested in the distributorship.

My goal with this post is to address the best ways to become a successful Herbalife distributor.

It’s probably not what you expect, but it’s the best way to separate yourself from the thousands of other distributors who are struggling to make this opportunity work.

Herbalife Review: What Is It?

Herbalife Scam

Herbalife is a global nutrition company that provides nutrition products (protein shakes, snacks, vitamins, diet supplements, etc.) to cleanse your cells of junk and help your body operate at a higher performance.

They also offer a distributorship opportunity for anyone who wants to sell these products and make money.

That is what we will focus on in this Herbalife review.

But first, I want to address a common concern regarding the company.

Is Herbalife a Scam?

Herbalife is one of the largest and most successful network marketing company’s in the nutrition industry, and they have been well-off for a long time.

Individual’s who are seriously committed to living a healthy active lifestyle benefit from using the Herbalife products.

So there is no scam about the actual products.

Most people who call Herbalife a scam are referring to the business opportunity and reselling the products for commissions.

The truth is that network marketing is not an easy gig. It takes serious commitment, work ethic, patience, and hustle.

The ones who are willing to put in the time, effort, and patience to make this work will see great results.

However, those people are rare.

Most individuals THINK they have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, but they fall hard and fast when they discover how much work it actually takes.

The result?

They cry “scam” and “pyramid scheme.”

You have to be comfortable stepping into the shoes of CEO if you want to be successful with network marketing.

The employee mindset will destroy you.

If you commit to Herbalife then you to want to avoid the biggest mistakes most distributors make..

How to Market Herbalife Successfully

herbalife distributor

Most distributors will stick to the old-school ways of network marketing which include:

  • home parties / hotel parties
  • 3-way calls and cold-calling
  • door-to-door selling

These methods are still effective to a degree, but there’s another way that is much more powerful.

You need to learn internet marketing.

Internet marketing will separate you from the crowd.

The internet is the most abundance resource known to man.

You can only drive so far to host home, but with the internet your geographical radius is infinite.

You can create a blog post or YouTube video and have THOUSANDS of people worldwide see it.

The best part is that these marketing channels NEVER shut down, so your business can work for you around the clock.

Can you imagine the money you can make when you leverage the internet and have your business working for you instead of working for your business?

That is what truly creates lifestyle freedom.
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What To Do Next

Step 1: Create a Blog

A blog is the best way to market any business online. You can position your products in front of hungry buyers who will buy what you are selling.

Step 2: Rank your Content in the Search Engines

Unfortunately, you can’t just write a blog post and have thousands of people find it.

Trust me, I wish it were that easy.

You have to learn how search engines like Google and YouTube rank content, so your post or video finds the front page where people will see it.

Otherwise you are stuck on page 1,000 and get zero eyeballs on your content.

Step 3: Get People To Opt-in To Your Email Newsletter

Statistics show that it takes on average 7-14 follow ups before someone buys.

This means we need an email auto responder to send follow up emails FOR US that will convert leads into buyers.

When you have these systems in place your business literally runs on autopilot.

For example: Someone types in “Herbalife Review” in Google and finds your blog.

They love the information you provide and decide to subscribe to your email list.

Your auto responder sends them 7-14 email followups over the next 1-2 weeks and then they buy.


Are you seeing the power of this yet?


Internet marketing goes much deeper than just those 3 steps, but that is the big picture and it works way better than cold-calling and hosting home parties.

Your time is precious. You want a system that works for you and not the other way around.

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