Free MLM Leads: Steal My Secret Blueprint

Are you tired of running out of leads for your mlm business or not having enough money to consistently invest in paid ads?

Well get ready to celebrate because I’m about to reveal my secret blueprint to getting hundreds of TARGETED free mlm leads every single month without investing a dime.

Sound good?

Awesome, let’s go.

Top 4 Ways To Get Free MLM Leads

#1 Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a goldmine when it comes to finding prospects and leads for your business.

With over 1.39 billion active users, you can find tons of high-quality fishing holes for your mlm business.

You just have to be smart about looking.

I’ve sponsored over 40 people alone just by using FREE Facebook marketing, and I know others who have made 6-figures by using free Facebook marketing strategies.

Here’s my two-step process for finding these fishing holes:

Step 1: Brainstorm 5 things your hungry buyer is clicking “LIKE” on Facebook.

This could be authority pages, companies, products, events, groups, etc.

Step 2: Go to Facebook and use their Graph Search feature to find those places.

In the video below, I’ll walk you through how I use this process to find thousands of free mlm leads for whatever business you’re in.

Once you identify these fishing holes, it’s your goal to become an active contributor in these communities.

Here’s some creative ways I’ve used in the past:

– Join active groups and post VALUE (comments, blog posts, videos, etc.)
– Leave valuable comments on authority pages
– Leave valuable comments on other peoples’ walls

Here’s some DON’TS regarding Facebook marketing

– DON’T spam groups, pages, or other peoples’ walls with your link
– DON’T tag a bunch of people to your status that promotes your company
– DON’T add people to groups without their permission. This is ANNOYING.

If you stay consistent with posting value, you will see the magic happen…

People will be drawn to your value and feel compelled to check your wall and/or add you as a friend.

This is known as attraction marketing my friends.

Once they take a peak at your wall, they should see you posting even more value:

– sharing content about mlm and personal development (blog posts, videos, tips and tricks, testimonials)
– sharing lifestyle pictures of you having fun, doing cool things, and hanging with the people you care about
– showing your authentic self and being relatable

This will drive your engagement levels up, and because you have massive exposure on your Facebook wall, you can use call-to-actions and drive people back to your website or to your lead capture pages.

For example, once I promoted a free YouTube ranking training on my Facebook wall with a link to my capture page, and I scooped up 50+ free leads.

Another time, I promoted my 7-day internet marketing bootcamp course and picked up another 100 leads.

The bottom line — this strategy works.

#2 Blogging

This is my master skill.

My blog caters to struggling internet and network marketers, so ALL the traffic I get are people who are already interested in mlm, home business, and making money online.

I’ve accomplished this by doing keyword research — finding out what people are searching for in the search engines, and writing blog posts around those terms.

Over time, I have ranked dozens and dozens of different keywords to page 1 of Google, many to the #1 spot.

This drives THOUSANDS of targeted visitors back to my blog each month, and because I offer tons of value to help my hungry buyer, they can’t help but opt-in to my email newsletter.

Once they’re on my email list, I can build a deeper relationship with them, create trust and credibility, and then market my products, services, and business opportunities to them.

The best part about blogging is that it’s a passive asset that is ALWAYS working for me 24/7.

I can check my email inbox any time of the day and see new leads joining my email list from my blog.

This didn’t happen overnight. Blogging is a long-term strategy, but it stands the test of time once you build it.

#3 YouTube Marketing

Just like my blog, my YouTube channel caters to struggling internet and network marketers.

I have two accounts that have combined for over 20,000 views and 300+ subscribers and growing.

I used my knowledge of search engine optimization and keyword research to create videos that rank to the top pages of YouTube and sit right in front of my hungry buyer.

There’s a lot of tips I can share about getting your YouTube videos ranked to the top page, but instead of recapping it all here, I’ll direct you to a guest blog post I did on Firepole Marketing about ranking YouTube videos:

Like all these free methods, you have to be consistent.

It takes time to build an authority channel, get traffic and subscribers, and make sales.

However, the quicker you can rank videos and create a following the faster it will happen for you.

#4 Forum Marketing

I don’t know why people don’t spend more time in Forums.

Everyone hanging out there has similar interests, so it’s a GOLDMINE.

I’ve scooped up tons of free mlm leads by posting regularly on BetterNetworker Forum.

My strategy is simple: provide value.

I leave in-depth posts that really help people. None of that one and two line shit — that’s weak.

The more regularly you show you face, the more people begin to see you as an authority.

Soon, you’ll get messages from people asking for help.

You can also add a signature in your profile that is beneath every single one of your posts.

I like to add a link back to my blog so people can come here, get blown away by my posts, and opt-in to my email newsletter for more tips.

I also like to add a link to a capture page so I can pickup leads right then and there.

In the past, I had a description that said, “My 5-Step Cheat Sheet to Getting 100 Leads a Month Blogging” and linked it to a squeeze page.

Here’s a screenshot of the signature I use on the Warrior Forum.


See how ugly that picture is! haha…

It capture new leads day, noon, and night because it stands out.

So find forums with the most daily traffic and leave a few comments every single day. The more you post, the better results you’ll get.

Google search “network marketing forums” and “mlm forums” to find them.

Those Are My Secrets To Getting FREE MLM Leads

The trick is not to spread yourself too thin. Pick one (two max) and stay consistent until you master it.

Set incremental goals: 10 leads per day, then 20, and so on.

Once you start converting your leads, you can take what you make and invest it in paid traffic to get even more leads. That’s how you will scale your business fast.

So put away all distractions and stay focused on it for the next 6-months and you will have a constant flowing stream of free mlm leads.

  • Tim
  • February 14, 2015

Hey I'm Tim - this blog is about sharing the digital strategies I've used to create a 5-figure income online, so maybe you can do it too (if that's what you want) :) I also have an Australian Shepherd named after Slim Shady & I'm a huge fan of hockey. Shoot Me a Message on Facebook. I'll always reply back

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Oluwajana - July 8, 2015

Hi, You have a good post here.keep it up.l would to work with you. Adewale

Chuck Holmes - October 20, 2015

I get 100% of my leads from blogging and it works very well for me. It wasn’t easy to build up a high traffic blog. It took me several years. But now I get a good amount of leads every day and I am a top recruiter in my company. I tell anyone to pick one strategy, master it, and do nothing else. Most people spread themselves way too thin. Just my two cents.



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