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Feeder Matrix Review: Hmm…I Wouldn’t


Hey there thanks for stumbling upon my Feeder Matrix review. Just an fyi, I am not a member of the system, so you can feel reassured that you won’t get a biased sunshine and rainbow Feeder Matrix review.

So let’s blow through the smoke and look at the pros and cons of this business opportunity.

Feeder Matrix Review: What Is It?

Feeder Matrix is a MLM program that is 8 levels deep and has a 4×4 Forced Matrix system. This means that your downline can have at most 4 levels with each level consisting of 4 people.

Any additional people will spillover/spillunder to others in your downline (or upline).

According to the site, they call Feeder Matrix a “cash leveraging” program with a forced matrix structure.


Feeder Matrix Compensation Plan

Here is a look at the comp plan.

comp plan

The commissions are split into 2 stages.

You get paid directly from your downline members to your Paypal, Payza, or Solidtrustpay accounts.

IMPORTANT: You have to own the membership level to receive payment or else it is a pass up sale.

You risk losing a lot of commissions if your downline upgrades faster than you do, so it might be worth joining as high as level 5 at the start.

Visit the Feeder Matrix site for a full list of the commission structure.

Feeder Matrix Scam: Is it a Rip-Off?

After reviewing this program, I wouldn’t recommend it.

There is no real value to this opportunity. The training is poor, and there isn’t anything else that makes this product evergreen, meaning it will burn out quick.

Also, if you are brand new to internet marketing, and you don’t have an existing following, then you won’t have anyone to promote this program to.

There isn’t any training on how to drive traffic to the banner ads they give you, so you are poorly guided.

When I decide whether or not to stand behind a company or product, then I have to believe it will benefit someones life. If there is no real value behind the product, and it is only about making money, then it is not the product for me.

I genuinely want to help people succeed in life and business, and I only promote programs that I believe it, and this isn’t one of them.

Besides, I hate how they promote themselves with this catchphrase.

Feeder Matrix Scam

That is so unrealistic and it only attracts people who have a ‘get rich quick’ mentality. People with that attitude don’t last long in this profession.

Don’t be fooled by this claim. Here is a snapshot of the income disclaimer that is on their site.

Feeder Matrix Review

We want to recruit people who believe in internet and network marketing, and who are willing to put in long-term time and effort in exchange for freedom and prosperity.


I wouldn’t recommend this program to my mother, so I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else.

I believe there are much better programs with much better training and mentorship.

If you want to learn how to build your business with a blog then watch my 5-Step Blogging Cheatsheet.

Thanks for reading my Feeder Matrix review.

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