Facebook Marketing Tips: How I Got 5 Leads In 1 Hour For FREE
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[CASE STUDY] Facebook Marketing Tips: How I Got 5 Leads In 10 Minutes, Without Spending a Dime

December 8, 2015 3 Comments

Would you like to learn how to pop more leads and sales using social media?

The other day, I posted a snappy little post on my Facebook page that resulted in 5 brand new leads for my business.

Here’s a snapshot of the post:


It took me less than 10 minutes to write the post and add in the picture, but it garnered 27 likes, 7 comments, and 5 leads.

Pretty powerful, right?

So, I decided to record a short video walking you through EXACTLY how I did this, so that YOU can start using these tips IMMEDIATELY to get more leads and sales for your business on social media.

Be ready to get results you have never experienced before.

Watch the full video below, and then leave a comment with your #1 takeaway at the bottom of the post.

If you want more information on the full Pictures to Profits (P2P) training course, so you can start monetizing your social media accounts then email me directly: tim@tipsfromtim.com or fill out this application to qualify.

HINT: The full course is 11 videos, 5+ hours, and you will receive a physical micro-companion book AND journal to take notes.

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  1. Rita says:

    Need to generate leads and get more customers

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