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Facebook Krusher Review: Is It Worth The Hype?

 Did you know there are 1.28 BILLION active users on Facebook?

How can that potentially impact your life and business?

That is what we will cover in this Facebook Krusher Review.

I’m going to share with you what Facebook Krusher is, how it can impact your business, and what you can do to improve results in your online business or mlm.

Facebook Krusher Review: What is It Exactly?

Facebook Krusher is a product created by Alfredo Delgado, who is a successful internet marketing entrepreneur who uses Facebook to earn a 6-figure income.

How does he do it?

The internet has created an abundant resource for businesses to connect with their target audience, and Facebook is one of the most powerful platforms out there today.

Successful internet marketers know that building their friends list is like building an email list. The more “targeted” friends that you have, the more potential you have at making money.

When I say “targeted,” I mean buyers related to your niche market. The goal is to add friends who are potential candidates to buy your product or service.

Facebook Krusher helps you build your friends lists with targeted buyers faster than normal.

5,000 is the maximum amount of friends that you can have on Facebook, and the more friends you have then the more exposure your business has.

More people will connect with your story, lifestyle, and personality. It is also how you share your value to the world.

If you can give value to the marketplace then people will pay for your knowledge and wisdom.

Are you starting to see the picture?

The BEST part about Facebook Krusher training is showing you how to avoid being out in Facebook jail.

This is a common occurrence if you try to add friends the wrong way.

If you are click-happy and start sending friend requests left and right, then you are putting yourself at risk. Facebook doesn’t like this, and if your friend requests go unanswered then you may be put in “Facebook jail.”

Facebook Krusher Training

Facebook Krusher costs $47.00. Here is a quick screenshot of the Facebook Krusher training.

Facebook Krusher Review

You also get added to a private Facebook group to network with other members and sellers of Facebook Krusher.

Facebook Krusher Scam

Just because you fill up your friends list doesn’t mean you will make money. In fact, Alfredo is very transparent about this in the income disclaimer on his website (pictured below).

Facebook Krusher Scam


Facebook Krusher will only ASSIST you in your current marketing efforts online.

This is why you need to understand the fundamentals of internet marketing like:

  • how to find the right people to add as friends
  • how to position your product/service
  • how to create an irresistible offer
  • how to drive traffic to your sales pages

I’ve used Facebook marketing in combination with high ticket affiliate programs to get great results online.

Thanks for reading my Facebook Krusher Review until the end.

Cheers to making money online and creating a better lifestyle,

Tim Alwell

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