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OMG ANOTHER Empower Network Review

Empower Network Review – What is it?

Empower Network or EN for short, is a home based business that supplies marketing training, a blogging platform called Blog Beast, and an MLM compensation structure. It is essentially a mix of internet marketing, network marketing, and multi-level marketing all rolled into one.

Now that we are all clear on what it is, let’s dive into the meat and potatoes of this Empower Network Review.

How Much Do The Products Cost?

There are 5 levels of products offered and each level unlocks more advanced trainings obviously. Below this section we will get into the compensation plan and how it ties in with these products.

Blogging Platform – $25 a month

One of the biggest challenges for beginners starting off is building a presence online with a website, so Empower Network offers a done-for-you blogging service known as Blog Beast to get started.

This membership also comes with some quick start training and capture pages that you can use to collect email opt-ins. All you need is an email marketing service for follow ups. I recommend Aweber.

This is a good option for newbies who lack technical skills and have never messed around with a blog, however, I would still recommend getting setup with your own blog host and domain and here is why:

Empower Network owns everything on their Blog Beast platform, so if you decide to leave EN in the future then all the work you put into your blog will be passed up to your sponsor and you will be left with nothing.

If you are serious about staying in this industry then I suggest getting started with your own blog using BlueHost or Hostgator.

Inner Circle Membership – $100 a month

To even have a chance at making money with EN then you will need to upgrade to the inner circle membership. At this level you get access to audio trainings from the top earners in the company.

Each week they have conference calls where they discuss what is working and they upload these audios into the training back office.

These are great resources to learn from because you are basically going inside the minds of 6 and 7 figure earners and hearing what they are doing to see results.

The second you think you know everything is the moment you fail, so you should always listen to audios like these because you will pick up golden nuggets that you can implement right away into your business.

Another great thing about these trainings is you can always go back and listen to audios that you missed.

Costa Rica Intensive – $500 one-time fee

This package has more advanced training on topics like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), how to create a team environment, how to be a leader, and how to retain members.

15k Formula – $1,000 one-time fee

This is one of the more popular training courses in Empower Network. The trainings at this level are highly focused on traffic and lead generation strategies like advanced blogging, paid traffic using solo ads and PPC, and even Facebook marketing.

The premise behind this level is the top leaders in the company are showing you how to get to $15k in 90 days.

Masters Retreat – $3,500 one-time fee

The Masters Retreat product is the top tier product in EN containing 40 or so videos, and it was designed to teach you how to scale your business to $100k a month.
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Empower Network Compensation Plan

Empower Network Compensation Plan

Okay there has been a LOT of confusion surrounding Empower Network’s compensation plan, so I am going to make this as easy as possible to understand.

Let’s knock out some of the basis elements of the comp plan first.

  • You can only resell products that you own. If you don’t own the product then it is a pass up sale and your sponsor will get the commissions. However, if you own the products then you get 100% commission (minus merchant fees and taxes).
  • You pass up your 2nd, 4th, and 6th sale for EACH PRODUCT, meaning you have to unlock each product as your upgrade. In other words, when you first get started on a new membership level, you pass up the 2nd, 4th, and 6th sale.
  • After your 6th sale, you “qualify” for that level and then every 5th sale is a pass up sale.

Wait, what?

Okay let’s use an example to illustrate this confusing compensation plan.

Let’s say you join Empower Network and all you own is the $25 a month blogging platform. If you recruit someone and they upgrade to the Inner Circle membership then you will only get 100% commission on the blogging platform, and your sponsor will get the commission for the Inner Circle because you don’t own it.

Now, let’s say that you upgraded the Inner Circle membership. You will pass up your initial 2nd, 4th, and 6th sale to your sponsor. After your 6th sale you “unlock” that level. Now, you only pass up every 5th sale going forward.

Repeat the above process each time you upgrade until you have qualified all the way through Masters Retreat.

Is This Compensation Structure to Your Benefit?

This structure really plays into the favor of more experienced marketers who can drive a lot of traffic.

As you can tell, in order to make money with Empower Network you need to commit to going “all-in” and buying up to the Masters Retreat level so that you don’t miss out on commissions.

Empower Network Scam – Is it Legit?

I laugh every time someone labels these programs a scam.

The hard truth is that this business is not meant for everyone. In fact, the majority of people who turn to network marketing and MLM enter the field with a ‘get rich quick’ mindset and they end up scheming themselves.

For some mysterious reason, they believe they can put in 10x less effort than their regular job and make 10x more money? How does that make sense?

People think that just because it is the internet that making lots of money should be easy. If this is you then don’t even bother trying any online business because you will be disappointed and quit.

It takes just as much work if not more to create a successful online business in the beginning, but if you build your castle right then you will benefit from passive, recurring income that can open the door to an exciting and extraordinary lifestyle.

Is it a Pyramid Scheme?

Comon. Really? I guess this Empower Network Review wouldn’t be complete without addressing this common accusation.

If you even have to ask this after what I wrote above then you are in the wrong business my friend.

Let me hit you with some truth, the corporate structure is a pyramid scheme. There is a CEO –> VP —> Regional VP —> Regional Managers —> District Managers —> Hard Working Employees.

You really have to erase the phrase pyramid scheme from your head and think of it in terms of leverage. That is how the CEO at your corporate job thinks. He leverages your hard work and your time and your effort to make money while he sits back and eats the fruits of life.

This compensation structure was built in your favor. You too can leverage other people’s effort, time, and money to grow your business, and I don’t mean this in an unethical or slimy manner.

You have to sincerely care for your team, help others, and step into the shoes of a leader to be successful in this game. When you start to care about the success of others more than your own success then you will see explosive results in your business.

Empower Network Complaints

One problem that spread like wildfire was newbies who came into empower network and started spamming the business all over the web. This led to upset forums, solo ad providers, and actually being banned from Facebook.

Obviously, it is impossible to control the actions of others, but it is the company owners and top leaders responsibilities to train their team members how to promote the right way.

Another complaint that has been expressed is that EN has a reputation for hard up-selling. We address above that in order to be successful in this business you have to go “all-in” with the products, so it makes sense that members try to push their downlines to upgrade.

How to be Successful with EN:

  1. Focus on Giving Value – this business is all about giving value and casting yourself as a leader. When you lead others will follow and want to join you inside EN. Share openly what is working for you. Offer free help. People are human beings not dollar signs.
  2. Build Relationships – this is piggy-backing off point #1, but succeeding in network marketing is about creating quality relationships with people. Remember this, people follow people not businesses. It wouldn’t matter if you were promoting Empower Network or some other MLM, if you created a deep rapport with someone and they view you as a leader, then they will join you in whatever biz opp you are in.
  3. 80/20 Rule aka Pareto Principle – focus 20% of your time, effort, and money on the outputs that generate 80% of your results. If you get all your results from blogging, then spend more time on that. If you have 2-3 members on your downline who are your top producers, then spend your effort on training them. Scale what works and ditch what doesn’t.
  4. Stay Consistent – you have to take action every single day to be successful. You can’t put in the effort only when you feel like it. Treat this online business like you would your own brick-and-motor store. You have to hustle and work hard in the beginning until you have systems in place where you can take your foot off of the gas.

Final Thoughts

This Empower Network Review should be all you need to decide if it is the right opportunity for you. I believe experienced marketers will benefit from this compensation structure more so than beginners. However, beginners can get value from the training and make a good go at it if they invest all the way in.

If you want to learn how to build your Empower Network business with a blog then watch my 5-Step Blogging Cheatsheet.

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