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The Dubli Scam Review


I’m not going to break down the different levels of membership and all the little nuances in this Dubli scam review.

If you want that information then you can head to the Dubli website.

This Dubli review will gloss over what it is, and focus more on how to market and promote it if you decide the Dubli business opportunity is for you.

FYI, I am not an affiliate of Dubli nor a customer. This is an unbiased, 3rd parter opinion.

So here we go!

Dubli Review: What is Dubli?

Dubli is an online shopping portal that can be broken down into 3 components:

1.) Shopping Mall

The Dubli shopping mall allows members to get price comparisons on millions of products and services sold through online retailers.

2.) Travel

Dubli has created partnerships with travel companies to offer big savings on travel.

3.) Entertainment

You can stream millions of songs and videos through Dubli’s entertainment platform.

You can also listen to the radio and play online games.


When you join as a free member, you can download the Dubli toolbar which allows you to search the internet for items you want to buy.

The toolbar will let you know how much cash back you can earn for each purchase.

The premium and V.I.P membership have more perks, like earning cash back on purchases, qualifying to special discounts, and having access to the customer referral program.

Dubli Scam: Is It True?

You can earn commissions with Dubli by upgrading to the V.I.P. membership plan ($99 per year) and referring another customer to the Dubli V.I.P. membership.

Dubli isn’t a scam. It’s just system that gives cash back and rewards business partners for referring new customers to their platform.

It is also network marketing business, which can set off red flags. The more people you recruit to promote Dubli, the more money you will make.

Sounds like a pyramid scheme, right?

Well, the truth is that network marketing isn’t for everyone. It rewards those who hustle and want to make it happen, but it punishes those who are lazy and believe they can make a lot of money with little effort.

If you are truly passionate about selling an online cash back program, then Dubli might be a good fit for you.

However, I do believe there are much better opportunities online if you just want to make money and escape your job.

I prefer creating a brand where people trust you as a leader and genuinely take your advice because you are transparent and honest.

4 Steps to Creating an Authority Brand Online

Step 1.) Start a blog now!!

A blog is where people go to learn about you and learn from you.

It’s how you showcase your unique personality and attract similar people who would be a fit as a business partner.

A blog is how you build trust and credibility in the marketplace. Every online marketer needs a blog, so use this tutorial to set yours up today.

Step 2.) Create Great Content

An entrepreneur is someone who solves a problem.

You want to identify who your target audience is, and find out what their problems, worries, needs, desires, and struggles are.

Once you know that, you can create all the content in the world to help them solve their problems.

This is how you become an authority figure in your niche. People will be looking to you for help and wanting to work with you because of the value you offered them.

There are handfuls of ways to do this. Forums, Facebook groups, and Twitter are just a few examples.

Step 3.) Build Your Email Subscriber List

When someone subscribes to your email newsletter, they are interested in learning more about what you do.

This is your chance to develop a better relationship with your potential customers and to help them move forward in their life and business.

There is no guarantee that someone will come back to your website after they leave.

That is why capturing their email is so important. It gives you the chance to continue the conversation with them at a later date.

Step 4.) Keep Giving Value

The more value you give the more you will get back in return. Use this auto responder tutorial to send out email automatically for you.

Teach them something new, provide solutions for their problems, offer training and tips, give them testimonials of other people who saw success, etc.

The more you help people reach their goals, the faster you will reach yours.

Dubli Summary

Dubli is an online shopping portal that offers price comparisons, cash back, and big discounts.

There is also an optional business opportunity attached if you want to market and promote Dubli to make money online.

Thanks for checking out my Dubli scam review.

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