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DS Domination Scam: Can You Make Money?

Hey there.

Look like you stumbled upon my DS Domination scam review. My goal is to give you the low-down on this business opportunity.

I want to be clear that I am not a member of DS Domination, so this review is unbiased and only includes the facts.

DS Domination Review: What Is Drop shipping?

ds domination scam

DS Domination is a drop shipping program that teaches you how to buy things on sites like Amazon and resell them for profit on sites like eBay.

The idea is to leverage the wholesaler (drop shipper) and sell inventory to the buyer without the stress of holding costs or shipping effort.

For simple example, you would buy 10 blenders on Amazon for $10 each (that include free shipping) and sell them on eBay for $20 and make 2x profit.

The videos illustrate how easy it is to copy and paste the descriptions so you can get maximum results for minimal effort.

The transaction works out like this:

  1. You buy product on amazon.
  2. Sell product to eBay user at a higher price.
  3. Buyer pays through paypal, you pay the wholesaler, and he sends the item as a gift.
  4. Buyer doesn’t know the product came from Amazon.

Two Different Elements of DS Domination

There are two different opportunities to join DS Domination.

1.) Drop Shipping Training Products

Some people join DS Domination just for access to the training products.

DS Domination Pro: $20 a month

– 19 modules with an emphasis on earning smaller profits per item sold. You also get access to live training webinars.

DS Domination Elite: $99 a month

– 10 modules, access to more wholesalers and special software tools, and training with an emphasis on earning slightly greater profits.

DS Domination Unleashed: $249 one-time

Advanced level training, more tools and suppliers, and an option to save more with cash back.

Market Xtreme Pack: $199 one-time

This gives you access to training on capture pages, solo ads, Facebook PPC, video PPC, sales funnels.

You also get access to solo ad vendors, training scripts, capture page templates, and a 21-day training series on lead generation and other marketing sales funnel training.

2.) DS Domination Affiliate Program: $9 a month (optional)

If you want to be a reseller of DS Domination products then you can pay $9 a month (which covers merchant fees, video hosting, and other day-to-day expenses).

This isn’t mandatory, but you can make more money by leveraging their compensation plan.

How Sweet is DS Domination’s Compensation Plan?

Here’s a solid video covering the comp plan:

The commission downline is 10 levels deep. You have to own the product/membership level to sell it. So if you do not own the Market Xtreme pack then you cannot sell it and make money.

If you have a total team of 1-13 people, you will earn on levels 1-5.

If you have a total team of 14+ then you earn on all levels.

  • Level 1 = 50%
  • Level 2 = 10%
  • Level 3 = 5%
  • Level 4 = 3%
  • Level 5 = 2%
  • Level 6-10 = 1%
  • Total = 75% commissions

Obviously, you have to be able to sell these products to other people to make money, so how are your internet marketing and selling skills?

Watch this quick video where I give my 2 cents on how to take advantage of this biz opp.

How to Build Your Team

You need to be able to recruit people onto your team who already believe in the Drop Shipping method or who are serious buyers.

The last thing you want to waste time doing is trying to convince a non-believer that DS Domination is a good idea.

There are a few methods of doing this.

1.) Learn about blogging and search engine optimization. 

When you master the search engine you are able to position content in a place where it gets seen by hundreds and sometimes thousands of visitors. It all depends on the search phrase.

Here is an example. If you knew 5,000 people per month were typing “DS Domination Review” into Google and clicking search, then you would create a blog post similar to this one and use best practices to rank it onto page 1 of Google.

Did you know that 60% of people only click on search results on the first page, and most of them click on the top 3 results?

Imagine 60% of 5,000 people having the chance to see your DS Domination review blog post. That is 3,000 new visitors a month.

The power comes when you setup your blog the right way to convert those leads into buyers.

Now can you taste how sweet that DS Domination compensation plan is?

2.) Use FREE Facebook Methods to find Laser-Targeted Leads

There are 1.3 billion people using Facebook, and it’s growing everyday. The best part about this method is that you can use a powerful and free tool to find pre-qualified leads that will already be interested in your business.

I won’t go in depth with it here, but shoot me a message on Facebook and we can talk.

3.) Get Leads and Sales with Video Marketing

YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google. Did you know Google owns YouTube?

Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month.


The best part is that you can create a YouTube account and upload videos for free.

I love free.

YouTube works just like Google. If you know a little bit about YouTube search engine optimization then you are way ahead of the game.

Is DS Domination a Scam?

You can find a lot of testimonials of people making money with DS domination. You can also find the same amount of testimonials of people who didn’t make any money and are calling it a scam.

The bottom line is that you get out of it what you put in. The people who make money are the ones who take it serious, don’t expect to get rich overnight, and put in the time, effort, and consistent action to make it happen.

The people who don’t make money are the ones who don’t take it serious, think they can make thousands of dollars fast, and spend very little time and effort learning and applying, and are very inconsistent with their actions.

The choice to make money or not is in your hands. What type of person are you going to be on a daily basis?


If you want to take full advantage of the affiliate program, then you have to learn internet marketing.

That’s my DS Domination review.

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