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My Crazy Story

Hey, I’m Tim.

pic of me

I’m just a 26-year old guy with big dreams.

I was like the misfit at my 9-5 job; it just wasn’t for me.
In fact, I hated it so much that it drove me into depression.

[Read the full story here]

So, I back-turned the dry corporate world to create an online biz of my own.
I still have a part-time job, but I’m inching closer to walking away for good.


This blog is where I teach others how to make money online so follow along. I would love to teach you how I’m doing this along the way.

But I’m not going to bore you with my entire story here. That’s lame.

I wrote this article 15 embarrassing facts about me. It’s much more entertaining.

Promise not to judge?

Anyways, what’s this site about and how can it help you?

TipsFromTim is an all-killer, no-filler value haven for internet and network marketers who are tired of being burned by all the hype and fast money promises.

I flush all that bullshit down the toilet.

I don’t subscribe to “get rich quick” fairy tales, so if that’s you then be gone!

I will teach you the right way to build a business online that will stand the test of time,
and fund the lifestyle you really want for yourself and your family.

Expect unfiltered and entertaining lessons on how to build an online business the right way, without feeling scuzzy or embarrassed.

Sound good?


the former corporate slave, out.