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The Best Blogging with John Chow Review


Blogging with John Chow Review

Hey, Tim here.

Welcome to my Blogging with John Chow review post.

I’m going to give you a quick run-down of the product, no hype, no fluff.

I’m not an affiliate of the product so I won’t be trying to sell you anything either, like all the other Blogging with John Chow reviews.

I’m also going to add in my own blogging advice on top of this because blogging is my specialty and I can add value to this topic.

What is Blogging with John Chow?

The product is a full course dealing how John Chow created a $40,000 per month income in less than 2 years with his blog.

It includes a 30-day action plan to get you started. I like this because people are looking for direction when getting started online.

There is so much information out there that it can be difficult to know where to start or how.

People love blueprints and guides that lay it out for them, so the 30-day action plan great for beginners.

There are 9 total modules that cover basic and advanced blogging strategies including:

  • how to setup your blog
  • how to get ideas for content
  • branding
  • traffic generation
  • site monetization
  • search engine optimization

Keep in mind that this course is coming from a renowned blogger and internet marketing pro.

A lot of products of the marketplace are garbage, but there has been an overall satisfaction with John Chow’s course.

Therefore, if you want to learn blogging then this course is a good place to start.

Here are some extra tips to help you start on the right track.

5 Steps to Starting a Blog

1.) Get a self-hosted blog using WordPress

You want to get a self-hosted blog because you own it and have 100% control of the layout and customization.

Do not start a blog on tumblr, blogger, or some other random free blogging site because you don’t actually own the domain name.

For example, a tumblr blog and bloodspot blog would look like this: www.tumblr.yoursite.com

This is bad for branding.

I recommend getting setup with Hostgator because you can get hosting for cheap and it comes with a free domain name.

Then you can do a one-click install and sync up WordPress in seconds.

You can check out this tutorial I made that shows you exactly how to do this, or you can save yourself the time and effort and hire me to do it!

2.) Get a Premium WordPress Theme

The free themes offered through WordPress are crap.

They are structurally weak, aren’t updated by the developers often enough, and aren’t optimized for search engine optimization.

You want a premium theme that will stand the test of time and not give you into technical headaches.

Genesis by Studiopress is my favorite theme and it’s what I use on my own blog.

3.) Pick a Product, Service, or Business Opportunity to Promote

In order to make money blogging you have to sell something.

You can choose a product, your own service (personal training, consulting, web design), or a business opportunity, which is my favorite.

If you don’t have your own product or service to sell, then leveraging a business opportunity is your best option.

I recommend one of these.

4.) Start creating content that caters to your audience

Most people blog about everything and anything. They don’t have a plan of attack so they end up quitting shortly after.

It all starts with keyword research, or identifying the search phrases your target audience is typing into Google.

Once you identify those terms and keywords, you can create content around them and become an authority figure within that niche.

5.) Start building your email list

This is the most important step when starting out as a blogger.

Capturing email addresses is the best way to build a list of targeted leads who are interested in what you have to offer.

It takes on average 7+ contacts before a lead will convert into a sale, so if you miss out on the email then you miss out on a potential sale.

Once you get them on your email list, you can setup an email auto responder using Aweber that automatically sends out follow up emails.

You also want to manually send out emails with the purpose of creating a better relationship, providing testimonials, offering solutions, teaching your subscribers something new, and selling them on your products and/or services.


Blogging with John Chow is a good course for beginners who want to get started blogging.

If you want some added punch then you definitely want to subscribe to my free blog training below.

I listed a quick-start guid above, but there is so much more I can teach you.

If you want to learn how to build your business with a blog then watch my 5-Step Blogging Cheatsheet training.

So thanks for reading my Blogging with John Chow review.

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