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Beauticontrol Reviews

beauticontrol reviews

There are tons of Beauticontrol reviews out there focusing on the beauty products and if they work.

This Beauticontrol review will cover the home business opportunity if you choose to become a distributor.

So if you want more information about the products then head to the Beauticontrol website.

If you want to learn how to turn Beauticontrol into a successful business then read on.

NOTE: I am NOT a Beauticontrol distributor. I just have experience with coaching home business owners how to market their business online.

Beauticontrol Review

Beauticontrol has been in business for over 30 years and has had many success stories from Beauticontrol distributors.

However, not everyone is going to have a great experience.

When you become a Beauticontrol distributor, you become a business owner. You take on all the responsibilities of a CEO, and it takes an entrepreneurial-driven person to make it work.

Most people are too accustomed to the standard 9-5, guaranteed paycheck style of living.

This is the complete opposite of that, but the journey is more rewarding.

You will be challenged to grow and step outside of your comfort zone more than ever before, and you will feel more fulfilled.

You have to ask yourself if your dream lifestyle is worth the blood, sweat, and tears. For most people, it isn’t.

How to Be Successful Marketing Beauticontrol

The big mistake I see most offline network marketing distributors make is NOT marketing their business online.

Instead, they are taught old-school methods like talk to everyone within 3 feet of you, call all your old friends and contacts, host home parties and hotel meetings.

I’m not saying those things don’t work, but they take up a LOT of time and effort.

Another huge problem is that you are wasting time talking to the wrong people. We want to market to the right people.

Imagine if you wanted to date a person of the opposite sex who was really fit and in shape.

You wouldn’t waste your time looking for that person at McDonalds. You would look for that type of person in a gym.

Same goes for marketing our home business products and opportunity. We don’t want to talk to anyone and everyone. We want to find people who are already interested in our business and our products.

The solution is to learn how to market your business online and get it in front of the right people.

5-Step Plan

1. Start a blog!!

A blog is your home base on the internet. It is how you brand yourself and create content that your target market is desperately searching for.

Creating a blog is easy when you use my how to start a blog tutorial.

If you don’t have time for that, then I can set one up for you for free.

2. Start Creating Content

But not just any content.

Too many bloggers make the mistake of blogging just for the sake of blogging.

We want to blog about stuff that will actually help our target market, and stuff that our target market is searching for in the search engines.

3. Market and Promote Your Blog Content

It’s not enough to just create blog posts and hope people find it, because no one will in the beginning.

You have to actively share your content on social media and use search engine optimization tactics to rank it higher in Google.

4. Get people to subscribe to your email newsletter

The whole purpose of our blog is to get leads and sales. We want to get people to subscribe to our email newsletter so we can follow up with them over time and build a relationship.

People only buy from people they know, like, and trust. Before you will make sales, you will have to show your followers that you are a real person and genuinely want to help them succeed versus just being after their wallets.

You do this buy sharing your story, being vulnerable, sharing value, getting your face out there instead of hiding behind the computer, etc.

5. Keep Following Up

Most people won’t buy right away. They want to do some research, sit on it, ask around, and be exposed to the offer multiple times.

That’s why email is so important because you can present your product or business opportunity to them again and again over time and in different ways.

Obviously, you don’t want to sell every email. Have a healthy mix of pitches and just value like how I explain in my mlm autoresponder tutorial.

Beauticontrol Summary

There’s a lot more that I can teach you but that’s a good start.

I hope my Beauticontrol review helped you.

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