Aweber Tutorial: How to Create An Email Follow Up Series

Email marketing is a critical part of any business — whether you’re an affiliate marketer, online network marketer, or business owner trying to sell your products and services online.

I’m going to show you my personal email marketing strategy that builds relationships, drives constant traffic and creates buyers of my products and services.

When someone signs up to your email list they are giving you permission to follow up with them with more info.

This is a very powerful position to have and is something that I use to great effect, but it is also dangerous if not used correctly.

There are many internet marketers who spam their list by pitching them new products every email. I prefer to lead with value and only promote every once in a while.

What You Will Learn

  • Why email marketing is critical beyond all things
  • How to create an email follow up sequence over my shoulder (click-by-click) using Aweber
  • How I collect new email subscribers and build the relationship on autopilot
  • My personal email strategy for sending hard hitting emails that sell

Resources Mentioned:

Aweber – my #1 recommend email marketing tool (Get Your First Month FREE for 30 days)

Why Is Email Marketing Important?

Before I show you how to setup your email follow up sequence and reveal my email marketing strategies, let’s talk about why email marketing is important.

My #1 goal with this blog is not to have people click on my affiliate links, but to get them to subscribe to my email list.

If you have ever heard the phrase “the money is in the list” – it is true, and if you haven’t started an email list yet you are leaving a bunch of money on the table.

Traffic You Control

The important reason is having the ability to send traffic anywhere you want at the push of a button.

You can reach out to thousands of people in an instant and direct them to a new blog post, YouTube video, or to check out a particular product or service you’re promoting.

Having that kind of control is powerful.

Automate Relationship Building

This is one of my favorite uses of email marketing — to automate the process of relationship building with my subscribers.

I do this using an autoresponder sequence which is a series of pre-written emails scheduled to go out at set times after someone has subscribed.

I’ve had autoresponder sequences that continue to email new subscribers every few days for weeks — which frees up my time and still builds trust and rapport.

Email Is Evergreen

Marketing is always adapting and changing. New platforms emerge and old platforms die out.

You may be familiar with the constant updates to Google’s search engine algorithm where many marketers saw their website traffic and income disappear overnight.

This is true for any marketing channel — whether that be Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or Twitter.

You don’t own those traffic sources and there’s no telling if they will be there in a day, a month or a year from now.

However, you do own your email list and you will have control of it forever.

Cost Effective

You can start your email list for $1.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

What other forms of marketing can offer all these benefits at zero cost?

How I Use Email Marketing To Build My Online Business

Before I show you how to get started with email marketing, I want to share exactly how I use email marketing to create an income online.

This strategy builds relationships, drives a constant surge of traffic, gives me content ideas and even creates buyers of my products and services.

My email marketing service of choice is Aweber and if you want to follow this tutorial I recommend you use them, too.

How To Get Subscribers

The most important part to building your email list is getting subscribers — otherwise your email list is useless.

Here are some of the ways I get subscribers.

  1. Opt in forms on my blog
  2. Capture pages from my YouTube videos
  3. Instagram bio link that leads to a capture page
  4. Posting on forums with a link to a capture page in my signature
  5. Twitter bio link that leads to a capture page
  6. Facebook posts with call-to-actions for private trainings

Those are just a handful of ways to capture leads and get new subscribers onto your list.

Opt In Forms

I have a few opt in forms placed around my blog asking people to subscribe by punching in their email address.

Hello Bar

This attention-grabbing bar its at the top of my blog and makes it easy for someone to subscribe. You can get one for free at Hello Bar.


Sidebar Opt In

This is my sidebar opt in form that follows you down the page as you scroll. It’s easy to create these using Thrive Leads.


In Content Leadboxes

I have clickable links towards the end of my blog posts (in content) that encourage people to subscribe in exchange for a free training (in this case my 5-step blogging cheatsheet).

When you click on the link, this leadbox pops up. I use ClickFunnels to create these.


Pop up Boxes

When someone scrolls 50% down the page, this lightbox popup appears and makes it easy for someone to subscribe. I used Optin Monster for this.


Capture Pages

On other marketing channels, I direct people to capture pages to generate subscribers. I use ClickFunnels, which integrates seamlessly with Aweber.











When people click those links, it takes them to a capture page, also known as a squeeze page, that looks like this:


As soon as they opt in, my autoresponder sequence is automatically triggered and they get taken to a thank you page showing them how to get my free offer via their email.


The Magic of Autoresponders

It’s important to note that this entire process is happening behind the scenes. I spent 5ish hours setting up this process and now it works for every new subscriber that opts in to my list going forward.

I can always add emails to my follow up sequence, too.

This is how I get paid for work I have done in the past.

Pretty cool, right?

Here’s a sneak peak at my email autoresponder sequence:


How I Use Email Autoresponders

There are several different ways you can use email auto responders, and I’m going to show you a few different angles I use once someone has subscribed.

Delivering The Free Gift

This is the very first message that goes out instantly after someone subscribes. The purpose is to deliver the free gift that I promised them in exchange for subscribing.


The Welcome Message

This message welcomes new subscribers to my email list, tells them what they can expect, and encourages them to connect with me on social media.


The Relationship Builder

This emails humanizes me and gives my subscribers the chance to relate to my story. I lift the curtain and share my backstory with full transparency and vulnerability.


Reviving Old Content

This type of email breathes life into old content that would otherwise sit in my blog archive collecting dust.


Content Ideas

I create all my content for my followers, and I get most of my ideas by simply asking them what they want.


Asking For Testimonials

Social proof is the ultimate leverage, so I ask my subscribers for testimonials if they’ve gotten results from my trainings or tutorials.


Getting Started With Email Marketing Right Now!

By now, I hope you understand why building your email subscriber list should be your #1 goal, no matter what niche or industry you’re in.

You can start your email list for $1 right now and start generating subscribers.

Everyday that you’re not doing this — you’re missing out in a big way.

Step #1 – Register With Aweber



Once you have done that — login to your account.

Step #2 – Creating Your First Email List

Now you’ll want to create your first email list. You can create as many as you want, and I recommend creating a new list for each new website you start.

First click on Manage Lists at the top and then Create A List


Next, Aweber will walk you through the setup wizard to finish creating your list.


It will also ask you for an address and to fill in the sender name and sender email.

The sender name and sender email is how your subscribers will receive emails from you — so make sure this is an active email so that you can respond to anyone who replies back.

The next step is to name your list and briefly describe what your list is about.

Let's-Create-Your-ListThe last step is to choose a pre-approved confirmation message.

You will want to turn this option off — we can’t do it just yet so leave everything how it is and click Approve Message & Create List.


Step #3 – Configure List Options

Click on List Options in the top navigation bar.


Fill out the basic information and enter your name and email at the bottom if you want to receive email notifications every time you get a new subscriber.


On the next screen you’ll be able to personalize your list in more detail.

The final step is turning off the required opt in message that I mentioned before. Turning it off is easy, just click the slider button that says Send a confirmed opt-in email for Web Forms and you’re all set!


Step #4 – Creating Your Opt In Form

Now all we need to do to collect subscribers is to create an opt in form and add it to our site.

Click on Sign Up Forms in the top navigation bar and then Create Your First Sign Up Form.


The first thing to do is to choose a template that you like. Aweber provides several to choose from and you can customize them to your liking.


Once you’re finished customizing your sign up form, go to the next screen where you can name your form and add a custom thank you pages

Ideally, you want to send new subscribers to a thank you page where they can access the free gift you offered them.

If you don’t have anything like that yet, you can use the basic version Aweber provides.


The final step is to install the opt-in form on your website.

Step #5 – Adding The Opt In Form To Your Website

The easiest way to add the opt in form to the sidebar of your blog is to use the official Aweber plugin.

You can also paste the Raw HTML Version code into a text widget if you’re using a WordPress blog.



Whichever way you choose, it should end up looking like this:


The only thing left to do is create a follow up sequence that will automatically send out pre-written emails to new subscribers over time.

Step #6 – Create Your First Autoresponder Email

In the top navigation bar hover over Messages and click Legacy Follow Up Series.

Select the Drag & Drop Email Builder to create your first email follow up.


Now we can enter a subject line and body text for our email.

You can customize the email using the drag and drop features to the left.


Click Save & Exit when you’re finished and it will bring you back to your drafts. Hover over Send Options and select Add to Follow Up Series.


A message box will popup explaining that this email will be sent out immediately after someone subscribes.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 1.33.15 PM


Click Add to Follow Up Series and you’re finished!

If you want to create another email to be sent out the next day, you would repeat the process again, but now you have the option to choose the interval and send window.



That is all there is to creating your email list and your opt in form.

You’re all set to generate new subscribers.

The only thing that’s left to learn is how to write compelling emails that your subscribers want to read and take action on.

How to Write Hard Hitting Emails That Sell

Before I dive into my 6 tips for crafting the perfect email, you need to know how to send a broadcast email.

A broadcast email is different from an autoresponder email because it is written on a whim and usually sent out immediately. It is not included in your email follow up sequence.

To create a broadcast email, you would follow the same steps as if you were creating an autoresponder email, but you would choose Schedule a Broadcast.


Then you can select what list you would like to send it to and if you would like to send it immediately or in the future.



Great, how that we covered that, let’s get to the good stuff.

How to Craft the Perfect Email

Writing great emails is a skill that takes time to develop, but here is a checklist of factors I use when writing mine.

#1 Tell LOTS of Stories (Seinfeld emails)

People want to be entertained, so pull events from your daily life and tie them into your products and services.

I call this writing Seinfeld emails. If you have ever seen the television show Seinfeld – it’s literally a show about nothing.

Unlike a traditional TV show where each episode is connected and builds the upon the plot, Seinfeld episodes are independent from each other.

You can use this strategy when writing emails. They don’t have to connect from one day to the next. Simply write about something that happened during your day, make it engaging, and tie it back to your products and services.

#2 Write Like a Comic Book

Use short punchy sentences and avoid long, blocky paragraphs. I never take up an entire line from left to right, I cut them in half and I space down after 3 or 4 lines.

#3 Include Dialogue

Including dialogue is powerful. It brings life to your emails and pulls readers in like if they were reading a book.

#4 Ask Questions

Asking questions makes the reader stop, think and relate to you.

Some of me favorite questions to ask are, “Have you ever felt that way,” or “Has that ever happened to you?”

#5 Use All 5 Senses

Paint a clear picture so the reader can feel like he is a part of the story just like an author would in a book.

#6 Include Images & Decorate Text

All text emails can sometimes be daunting. Images will make it POP and help stimulate readers visually.

I also like to bold, italicize, underline and highlight certain words and phrases that I want to draw attention to.


I hope you understand the importance of email marketing and what it can do for your business.

You learned why it’s critical beyond all things, how I collect new email subscribers, how to create a follow up sequence over my shoulder, and how to write hard hitting emails that sell.

There’s no better time to create your email list then right now.

Resources Mentioned:

Get Your Free 14-Day Trial With ClickFunnels

Get Your Free 30-Day Trial with Aweber

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