[Download] 6-Step Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel That Turns New Leads Into Buyers Within 48 Hours

If you’re looking to turn more leads into buyers, then it comes down to having a sales funnel that “hand-holds” the lead through each step of the funnel all the way to the point of purchase.

My most successful affiliate marketing sales funnel is the one pictured below.

I called it “The Conversion Funnel Cheatsheet,” and it was responsible for generating 17 sales from cold leads within 48 hours of them opt-ing into my email list.


Download This Funnel Template & Bullet Points

3 Key Factors That Make This Affiliate Funnel Work

#1 – “Visual Hand-Holding”

In this funnel, my capture page converted at 49% and the open rate for the first email follow up was 59%.


Because on my capture page, I had a video that accomplished two things:

  • I explained the offer (my free offer, or lead-magnet, was a “5-Step Blogging Cheatsheet”)
  • I showed them what the “thank you page” will look like after they opt-in.

In other words, I had a video of me opt-ing in to my own capture page and I showed them what the next page will look like.

Basically, I was forecasting the next step ahead of time. My mentor calls this selling the next click, or “prophet to profit”.

Then, on my thank you page, I had another video showing them exactly where they could access the cheatsheet.

I showed them the actual email they will be receiving from me, the link they need to click, and the page they go to once they click that link.

This is powerful because it removes all the creative burden and surprises, which makes your lead feel comfortable about exchanging his email address and what he will expect next.

I applied the “prophet to profit” principle throughout the entire funnel.


#2 – Anticipation Marketing

Blockbuster movies that break box office records do one thing really well..

They get people excited about the movie well in advance.

The Marvel Comics movies do this amazingly well. They release three to four new movie trailers leading up to the actual release.

This is called “anticipation marketing,” and you can do the same thing with your online business.

In my particular funnel, the bridge page gave a quick 5-min “teaser video” of what they will learn in the full training.

I showed them results that I’ve gotten (i.e. how many leads I’ve generated, how much traffic was coming to my site, and how many sales I’ve made)

It gave them a glimpse of what was possible if they go through the full training.

#3 – Automation

I spent 4-5 hours on a Saturday creating the entire funnel and it paid me over and over for months to come.

This funnel requires very little human touch.

I had zero contact with the lead until they filled out the application to work with me.

After I reviewed their application and determined they were a good fit, I would reply using a template email and add in a little customization to make it personal.

And all this happened within 48 hours of them opt-ing into my email list.

Pretty sweet, huh?

Watch The Video For A Detailed Breakdown On This Online Marketing Funnel:

Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel Template Breakdown

Below is a brief description and some highlights for each step in the funnel.

Step #1 – Create a short and fast-paced video squeeze page (3-min or less) that sells the viewer on “paying” for your free value (aka honey-pot) with their email address

It doesn’t have to be a video capture page, but I was driving mostly cold traffic to this page so I wanted to them to see me my face, watch my mannerisms, and hear my voice.

The basic script to my video sounded like this (hint: I was promoting my 5-step blogging cheatsheet):

“Hey this is Tim, thanks for visiting my website. If you’re here, its because you want to learn how to generate 5-10 new leads per day with a blog, so I created a free training called my 5-step blogging cheatsheet. It doesn’t matter if you’re an affiliate marketer, network marketer, coach, consultant or personal trainer. This works for any business. Simply enter in your email below the video and it will take you to the next page where I will show you how to get your hands on the training immediately.”

Step #2 – Visually hand-hold your new lead click-by-click how to access your honey-pot training (HINT: This little extra touch skyrocketed my initial email open rate from 25% to 59%)

In my video capture page, I recorded my screen and the exact capture page they were on.

I opted-in to my own capture page and showed them the Thank You Page as on the next step.

Then in the thank you page video, I showed them the exact email they would be receiving from me, and the link they had to click within that email to open up the training.

I continued to “sell the next click” throughout the rest of the funnel.

Step #3 – Craft a short pre-sell video (~5ish min) that gets them excited about the full honey-pot training (CLUE: anticipation marketing is the drug that keeps people wanting more)

I created a quick teaser video that got the lead excited to consume the full 45-minute training video.

Inside the teaser video, I showed proof of results.

I showed them my Google Analytics statistics, how many leads were in my Aweber account, and screenshots of my PayPal and Merchant accounts.

I wanted them to see the possible results that blogging could have for their business, which helped inspire them to consume the full training video.

Step #4 – Teach solid, useable and practical “How-To” for 75% of the video, and then sell the next step for the last 25%

The first 30 minutes was all value. The last 15 minutes was selling the next step, which was filling out an application to work directly with me.

Remember to stack bonuses to create irresistible offers (sidenote: buy the book “The Irresistible Offer” by Mark Joyner).

If you’re just building your business and don’t have a giant clientele, you can add a 15-min coaching session and people will go nuts over it.

Step #5 – Qualify in potential buyers using an application, and walk through each question to help them pull their own thoughts out of their heart

When I first started online marketing, I was desperate to make sales so I would accept anyone into my business.

This attracted the wrong types of people who weren’t willing to put in the work, had “get rich quick” mentalities, bad attitudes, poor work ethic, and short-term vision.

Not to mention, those people refund more.

I use an application to filter out bad fits and only accept people who I believe are a good match to work with.

Hint: you can use Wufoo and Survey Monkey to create free applications.

Step #6 – Cherry-pick through the applications and point happy paying buyers to your “acceptance page” that gets them taking fast action.

After reviewing each application, I would send a templated email to people who were accepted.

The only thing I would personally change was the name, and I would write a sentence or two commenting about their answers on their application so it wouldn’t feel completely automated.

Something like, “I really like what you said about question #2….”

This only took a few minutes and it was the first time I had to add human touch to the funnel.

Everything else was automated up to this point (aka– a new buyer only required 2 minutes of my time to purchase a $37 affiliate product)

I would send them to another page with a video showing them how to buy, what to do next, and how to redeem their coaching call with me.

And that’s how I brought in 17 buyers within 48 hours of them opt-ing into my email list.


Creating an sales funnel is one of the primo ways to automate your online business so you can have more freedom to do other things.

That’s what we all want, right?

But it took me 2 years of struggling and messing things up before I finally created a funnel that worked.

If you want to go deeper on this, I created a free training called my 7-Step Plan for growing an audience and creating a hyper-engaged email list.

Get it for free here.


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