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Advocare Reviews: Why Most People Fail & What to Do


Advocare is a premier health and wellness company offering top of the line energy, weight loss, nutrition, and sports performance products.

However, you can find hundreds of Advocare reviews about the products, so we aren’t going to focus on that.

Instead, we are going to look at the business opportunity attached to Advocare and how you can be successful marketing the Advocare products.

I’m not a distributor of Advocare, but I have a lot of experience with marketing online and I’ve helped tons of people get better results with their business.

Before we dive into how to market this business the right way, I want to address the Advocare scam accusation.

Advocare Scam: Why Most Fail

Advocare prides itself on being a renowned distributor of health and wellness products since 1993.

This company is not a scam, but there are tons of people who have failed in this business and therefore think it’s a scam.


Most people see the opportunity network marketing has to change their life, but they aren’t ready to put in the work required to see life changing results.

This business is not for the faint-hearted. You have to have an entrepreneurial fire and a desire to achieve more than the average person.

You have to build a big downline of distributors to make big money and quit your job.

However, the majority won’t make any money.

Unfortunately, most people who join Advocare are not properly trained and educated on how to market it effectively.

Advocare is an old-school offline mlm business, and they teach old-school marketing methods such as:

  • cold-calling
  • home parties
  • passing out flyers and DVDs
  • creating a list of warm market leads
  • and so on and so forth

While these methods do have their place, technology gives us the ability to marketer with a wider reach and less “grinding.”

I prefer online companies that sell digital products with high commissions so I don’t have to carry any inventory or do any face to face selling.

This is what I specialize in coaching my students.

However, if you are still interested in marketing Advocare then there are some advantages to taking your efforts online.

The competition to market Advocare online is super low.

This opens the door for you to spearhead that movement.

Advocare Review: How to Market it the Right Way

Did you know that there are 450,000+ searches every month related to Advocare.

These people are already interested in Advocare and ready to buy versus the people in your warm market who you have to convince, which takes a lot more time, energy, and effort.

Imagine how much money you could make if your website popped up in the search engines and you scooped up a big chunk of that traffic.

You would be selling Advocare products and partnerships left, right, and center.

That is the power of learning internet marketing.

In fact, you probably stumbled upon this blog post somewhere on the Internet, which is proof that this works 🙂

Meanwhile, all the other Advocare distributors will be sticking to their warm market and limited by a 60 mile radius.

You geographical range is limitless on the internet and all you have to learn is the fundamentals of internet marketing.

What You Need To Learn

Step 1: You need to create a blog immediately!!

A blog is your central marketing hub where people will go to learn about you, your product, and to buy from you.

It’ also how you build relationships with your visitors and it is how you will create a 6-figure income with Advocare.

Learn how to create your blog here.

Step 2: You need to create content to put on our blog.

You want to target people who already believe in network marketing, Advocare, and products that Advocare creates.

This is where a lot of people go wrong because they try to market to anyone and everyone.

You will make more sales if you narrow in on a target audience that is already interested in what you are selling.

You want to target keywords (search terms) that people are typing into search engines like Google.

Then you want to create content around those searches.

When you excel at providing solutions for people then you will position yourself as a leader and people will want to buy from you.

Step 3: Market and promote your content

You want to get your content in front as many targeted buyers as possible.

This includes sharing your content across social media sites and doing search engine optimizations (SEO) so that people can find your content in the search engines.

Step 4: Start building your email list

Most people will not buy from you on their very first visit to your blog.

It takes time, usually 7+ follow ups before someone will buy.

It’s your goal to get them to subscribe to you email list so that you can market to them at a later date through email.

If you don’t collect emails from the very beginning they you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

The best method is to create an auto responder that does the hard work for you.

I wrote an entire post on how to setup a killer network marketing autoresponder that converts new leads into hot buyers, so check it out.

Step 5: Keep following up and giving value to your audience

When you continuously give value to your audience then you will get sales.

This can come in the form of blog posts, videos, tutorials, testimonials, etc.

If you don’t consistently follow up with your subscribers then you are leaving even more money on the table.

Remember, most people will not buy straight away, but they will if you continue to give them value on a regular basis.


Obviously there is a lot more that I can teach you.

Thanks to tuning into this Advocare review.

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  • Samantha Rapoport January 13, 2017, 6:08 pm

    This is great information which I do highly recommend! I also have great success with getting to know people and their goals personally! Anything that is worth it takes time and helping people look and feel they best is my goal! I remember feeling not happy with myself before Advocare and since Advocare has found me, my love for fitness has grown which has helped so many people!

    • Tim Alwell January 24, 2017, 11:42 am

      Thanks Samantha. I used to be a personal trainer; fitness is and will always be an important part of my lifestyle. Good luck!

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