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The Best 4Life Scam Review: Read This First!!


Greetings from Tim Alwell and welcome to the most honest 4Life Review online. If you’re in 4Life right now or thinking about joining, then this is the most important review you will read.

Seriously, I know exactly where you’re at right now.

You’re searching for reviews on 4Life because you’re not 100% sure if it’s a legitimate opportunity or not, and you want some guidance.

Surprisingly…I was in a similar position just a few years ago.

Every morning, I woke up to a blaring alarm clock, forced myself out of bed and commuted to a corporate job that I hated.

Even though I busted my butt at my job, I was struggling to pay my bills and I didn’t feel fulfilled with the work I was doing.

I knew there had to be a better way.

So one day, I went to the Starbucks down the street and Google searched “how to make money online.”

..and in that moment, my life changed forever because that’s when I discovered the network marketing industry.

F-A-S-T-F-O-R-W-A-R-D to today..

I’ve doubled my monthly income from my 9-5 job just in the last week and it feels amazing..

Because for the first time in my life…

..I’m able to buy natural, organically grown foods from the grocery store
..I’m able to eat out at restaurants without feeling guilty about spending money
..I can buy birthday presents for my friends & family without worrying how it will affect my bank account
..I can have a peaceful night of sleep without staring at the ceiling wondering how I’m going to pay my bills

And I want that for you, too because you probably deserve it..

..and it’s a lot easier than you think. Let me explain

Don’t be fooled by the traditional advice most network marketing company’s teach – which is to make a list of friends and family and walk around streets and shopping malls handing out DVDs and fliers.

First of all, I know you don’t want to do that. Second of all…you don’t want to do that.

Here’s a better solution:

There’s this thing called the internet, and you can use it to generate leads and sales online.

That’s what I did.

In fact, this blog gets over 100 visitors and 3-5 fresh new leads EVERY SINGLE DAY. That’s 90+ new leads every single month!

I’ve also used YouTube, Facebook Ads, and Instagram to generate leads and sales online.

I have systems in place that bring me qualified leads before I even speak to them! There’s a good chance that I’m not sitting at my computer while you’re reading this.

I never pitch my friends or family. I don’t do any cold-calling or door knocking. I never walk around shopping malls passing out brochures.

So if you’re even remotely interested in how I’ve been able to create a 5-figure income online then download my free blogging cheatsheet.

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